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The hill station of Almora experiences moderate cool and pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. The average maximum temperature is almost 23°C while the average minimum temperature remains steady at 11.5°C. Summers, extending from the month of April to July, are moderate. The temperature does not rise above 30°C. The monsoon season lasts from August to October. The region receives moderate rainfall. The season winter begins in the month of December and continues till February. The climate is cool and chilly with extremely cold temperatures of 4°C. The best time to visit the town of Almora is from the month of March to November.

How To Reach

By Road:

Regular bus services are available from the capital city of Delhi till Almora, covering a distance of almost 334 km. Tourists can avail luxury bus service. Buses owned by the state connect the town to other cities in the state of Uttaranchal.

By Air:

Pantnagar, situated at a distance of 125 km from the heart of the town of Almora, is the nearest airport. Flights are available from Delhi to Pantnagar on alternate days. The closest international airport is Delhi.

By Rail:

Kathgodam railway station is located at a distance of almost 91 km from Almora.


The virgin hill station of Almora with its picturesque beauty will appeal both lovers of nature as well as adventurous tourists. It is located at an altitude of 6000 feet on the crescent-shaped Kumaon Mountains of the majestic Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand. Almora is believed to have an extensive history and has been in existence since the Vedic Age.


Almora is a beautiful and scenic temple town. The temple dedicated to Goddess Nanda Devi established right in the heart of the region is the main attraction here with its great historic significance. The rolling landscapes, scenic mountains and abundance of lush greenery in Almora are eye-catching.


The town is famous as an agricultural base as well as a trading hub full of dynamic activity. The Salmali and Kaushaki rivers flow along the side of Almora, making it more beautiful. There are some interesting palaces, forts and monuments in the town enclosed in dense forests of pine and fir trees. The rich heritage of Almora is showcased through the celebration of many cultural events and festivals which take place throughout the year. The ancient customs and valued traditions of the town have been retained while the neighbouring areas have been changed and influenced by modern trends and cultures.


Village walks, jungle walks, trekking, boating and temple visits chart top in your Almora visit. It is heartening to see the simple lives and lifestyles of village folks here who live in small houses on hill slopes. Their customs, traditions, festivals as well as beliefs are fascinating. Walking through the lush green forests in Almora offers a refreshing experience. And adventure lovers are no short of opportunities here. 


The cuisine of Almora is typical North Indian with vegetables, dal and aromatic long-grained basmati rice present in the menus of most restaurants. Baal mithai is a renowned sweet from Almora, popular among both tourists and locals. Some hotels offer exotic Kumaoni food. The delicious singora is a specialty of the region.


Almora is an absolute delight for shoppers. The town boasts of many shopping centers along with covered bazaars. Stores sell traditional copperware and jewelry in the native Kumaoni style. The astounding skill of the craftsmen of Almora is evident from the gorgeous Pashmina shawls as well as the sheep wool blankets in traditional motif. Angora cloth is popular among tourists.