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The town of Bakkhali experiences tropical monsoon climatic conditions. The summer season begins in March and continues till the month of May. Temperatures rise to a maximum of 41°C. The level of humidity is high during this season. Monsoons, extending from June to September, bring heavy rainfall to Bakkhali. The season of winter lasts from December to February. Temperatures vary from a minimum of 10°C to a maximum of 30°C. The best time to visit Bakkhali is from October to March. 

How To Reach

By Road:

Tourists can avail buses from Kolkata city to Namkhana. Bakkhali is just a ferry ride away from Namkhana. Both private and government buses are available from Kolkata.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Bakkhali is the Kolkata International Airport. The airport connects Bakkhali with most of the important cities in India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad.

By Rail:

Namkhana is the closest railway station. Regular trains are available from the city of Kolkata to Namkhana.


Located in the state of West Bengal in India, Bakkhali is a small town famous for its extensive stretches of clean and empty beaches. The land is situated on one of the several deltaic islands scattered across the southern portion of the Sunderbans, except some at the fringes. The beach in Bakkhali is almost 7 km in length. This remote tourist destination remains empty except during the peak tourist season. The beach is covered with hard sand, making it perfect for cycling and walking. Visitors will enjoy driving along the shoreline in Bakkhali. Dense groves of casuarinas trees line the complete stretch of the beach.


The tiny island of Bakkhali juts out into the endless expanse of the Bay of Bengal. The beach extends from Bakkhali to Frasergunj with softly rolling waves. These twin regions have combined to establish a single continuous locality. The calm and peaceful ambiance of the region is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of city life, designating the town as an ideal weekend getaway. Bakkhali is separated from the mainland by the Hatania-Doania River. There are few mangrove forests in the area devoid of any tigers.


Even though Bakkhali is visited by limited number of tourists, the beaches in the area can be considered to be some of the most beautiful in the entire state of West Bengal. The shoreline of the region is in a constant state of change. It is a perfect choice as an offbeat beach destination in the Eastern India.


Bakkhali presents tourists with limited shopping opportunities. Small stores present along road sides sell Hyderabadi pearls and sea shells. Tourists can buy souvenirs and jewellery made up of shells from stalls near the beach.


Seafood forms a staple part of the diet in Bakkhali. Several delicacies of the region use crab as the main ingredient. Shacks close to the beaches in Bakkhali serve steaming cups of tea with local food and snacks. Vegetarians can also choose from many dishes.