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The village of Bhandardara experiences pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. The summer months, extending from March to May, are very hot and dry. The temperature increases to maximum of 40°C. The months from June to September form the monsoon season. The rainy season provides relief from the extreme temperature. Humidity levels remain high. Cold winds and heavy rainfall result in sultry atmosphere. Winters, lasting from December to February, are very cool. Temperatures can go as low as 10°C. The best time to visit Bhandardara is from the month of October to February.

How To Reach

By Road:

Regular buses of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Service are available up to the downhill area. Several important cities like Pune and Mumbai are connected to the village of Bhandardara via bus.

By Air:

The airport closest to Bhandardara is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in the city of Mumbai, located at a distance of almost 185 km from Bhandardara. Mumbai connects Bhandardara to most of the important cities in India along with several international cities. Taxi cabs are available from the airport in Mumbai to Bhandardara.

By Rail:

Igatpuri is the railway station closest to the hill resort of Bhandardara, situated almost 35 km away. State buses and taxi cubs transport visitors to Bhandardara from Igatpuri for a nominal fee.


Bhandardara is a stunning holiday resort on the hills of the Indian western coast. Situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state, the village of Bhandardara highlights the beauty of nature. The pristine ambiance of the region together with the invigorating mountain air, lush greenery and deep waterfalls is ideal for trekkers. The village, nestled within the Shayadaris, has been established by the side of the Pravara River. The site serves as the perfect stopover point for visitors on their way to the holy town of Shirdi.


The village of Bhandardara is set at an altitude of 750 metres above sea level. The view from the area is breathtaking. Ideal for the promotion of natural tourism, Bhandardara attracts tourists who wish to take a break from the hectic lifestyle of the city. Lovers of nature are bound to be fascinated with Bhandardara due to the sheer diversity of the flora and fauna in the region. The forts and monuments present in Bhandardara transport visitors back to the glorious days in the history of India.


According to local legends, Bhandardara was the meditation spot of Shri Agasti Rishi. He is believed to have sat deep in meditation for a year, surviving simply on air and water. Pleased with his exhibition of devotion, God visited Earth and blessed the sage with a stream from the River Ganges, considered to be the Pravara River. The beauty of the region is magnified during the rainy season. The rain soaked trees and the dewdrop-laden leaves create an enchanting atmosphere.


Being a minor hill station, Bhandardara does not provide tourists with many opportunities to indulge in shopping activities. The cuisine of Bhandardara consists primarily of easily available Maharashtrian local fare, including vada pao and misal pao. The region is renowned for the sweet peda sold in most stores. Locals sometimes use the peda to sweeten the tea at the small chai stall. Lovers of non vegetarian dishes can look forward to the fish curry. Some restaurants and eateries also offer tandoori and Chinese cuisine.