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The city of Chikmagalur experiences cool climatic conditions throughout the year. The summer season in the city begins in the month of March and continues till May. The temperature during this season ranges from a minimum of 32°C to a maximum of 35°C. Monsoons, extending from June to September, offer sufficient rainfall to the hill station. The season of winter commences from the beginning of December and lasts till February. The climate remains pleasant and the temperature varies from 14°C to 32°C during this season. The best time to visit Chikmagalur is from the month of September to May.

How To Reach

By Road:

State owned buses ply between the city of Chikmagalur and the other regions in the state. Tourists can avail special deluxe luxury buses from Mangalore, Hubli and Bangalore to reach Chikmagalur.

By Air:

The closest domestic airport is Mangalore, situated at a distance of almost 146 km away from the city of Chikmagalur. Bangalore, present at a distance of about 248 km, serves as the nearest international airport. The air terminal at Mangalore connects Chikmagalur to Chennai and Bangalore. Bangalore airport is well connected to most of the Indian airports as well as several foreign cities.

By Rail:

Kadur, lying almost 40 km away from Chikmagalur, and Hassan, located about 60 km away, are the closest railway stations. Hubli is the most important railway station from Chikmagalur, situated at a distance of 239 km from the centre of the city. Hubli remains well connected to most of the country.


Chikmagalur town in Karnataka is known as “the coffee hub of South India” and is situated amidst scenic landscapes. This region in the South Western Karnataka is enclosed by endless coffee plantation hills. Chikmagalur is famous for its coffee production and plantations and a serene ambience. It is therefore a paradise for coffee lovers and nature lovers. The National Coffee Research Station in the city has managed to develop exquisite varieties of Robusta and Arabica coffee.

The word ‘Chikmagalur’ stands for “town of younger daughter”. The town serves as one of the foremost commercial and trade centres in the state of Karnataka. Tourists come to the city to unwind due to its unpolluted ambiance and stunning views. This small town oozing fresh aroma of coffee is refreshing in terms of climate as well as landscape.


According to legends, Chikmagalur was a dowry present for the younger daughter of the legendary Sakrepatna chief, Rukmagada. One of top attraction in the city of Chikmagalur is the Mullain Giri, the highest peak in the state of Karnataka. Mullain Giri is located at an average elevation of almost 6,300 ft above sea level. The Thunga and Bhadra rivers add to the beauty of the valleys here. Other attractions of the region are the Kondadarama Temple and the Jamia Mosque. St. Joseph’s Cathedral, located in Chikmagalur, is one of the major religious structures in the state.


Chikmagalur has slowly attracted the attention of tourists and is now reputed as a modern city with several centres of trade as well as educational institutions. The city has become a hotspot for tourist activities with its beautiful canvas carved with Sahyadri mountain ranges, cascading waterfalls and vast expanses of coffee plantations. Chikmagalur with its beautiful hills is a much preferred spot for trekking and camping enthusiasts. Trekking enthusiasts come here especially to have a glimpse of the verdant forests, zig zagging water ways, green slopes, rare flora and ancient ruins.


Shopping in the city of Chikmagalur involves purchasing several varieties of coffee beans at Market Road. The city does not provide any opportunity to tourists for fancy shopping. The cuisine of Chikmagalur reflects the rich variation of agricultural products in the city. The food in the city is both delicious and simple. The local cuisine of Chikmagalur is popularly known as “Malanadu” cuisine and is well-known for its spicy and rich treats. The dishes have a typical flavour due to the addition of coconut milk. Popular local fare include kaikadbu, akki roti etc. Restaurants here also serve North Indian and Jain cuisine.


Chikmagalur being in the plains, most of the interesting spots of Chikmagalur lie outside the town limits. In Chikmagalur town one can enjoy nature walks through coffee plantations and go out to the suburbs for sigh seeing.