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Located close to the Thar Desert, Chittorgarh has a hot and sundry desert like climatic conditions. The summer season from March to May is hot and sticky with temperatures reaching a maximum of 45 degrees Celsius making it a difficult for tourists to venture out in the sun. The monsoon season from June to September brings relief from the hot and sundry heat but the humidity levels in Chittorgarh can be sapping especially if the rains are infrequent and less than average. The night temperatures however are cooler and pleasant making them more suitable for travelers. The winter months ranging from October to February are pleasant with minimum temperatures reaching 10 degrees Celsius. 

How To Reach

By Road:

Chittorgarh is located in the heart of Rajasthan and is well connected to all parts of India though good motorable roads and highways. Travelling to Chittorgarh by road is one of the most convenient options with regular cab and bus services plying between Chittorgarh and Jaipur (304 km), Indore (349 km) and Ajmer (185 km).

By Air:

Chittorgarh does not have a dedicated airport facility and the closest airport is the one located in Udaipur at a distance of 90 kms. The Maharana Pratap airport of Udaipur is well connected to Jaipur and New Delhi with regular daily flights serving the travelers. Regular cab and bus services are freely available from the Udaipur airport to reach Chittorgarh. Disembarking at the Jaipur Airport (560 Kms) is also an option for visitors travelling to Chittorgarh.

By Rail:

Chittorgarh railway station is well connected to all major cities of Rajasthan and other parts of India. Regular train services are available for tourists travelling from all across India to visit Chittorgarh. Some of the most popular trains reaching Chittorgarh include the Jaipur (Udz Kurj Sup), Vadodara (Udz Bdts Sup), Udaipur (Kurj Udz Sup) and Delhi (Mewar Express).


The historic city of Chittorgarh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Located at a distance of 115 Kms from Udaipur, Chittorgarh is a historian’s paradise. It is considered to be an epitome of the Rajput kingdom with magnificent palaces, historical forts and towers showcasing the cultural and architectural richness of the bygone era. The Pride and glory of Rajasthan, Chittaur echoes with the tales of romance and valor unique to the Rajput tradition. Chittorgarh traces its name from Chitrakut and was later renamed after a local Rajput named Chitrang. The city of Chittorgarh is also famous for its association with saint poetess Meerabai and Rajput King Maharan Pratap considered as one of the elite Indian Rajput warrior Kings. Chittorgarh remains replete with historic associations and holds a very special place in the hearts of Rajputs.


Chittorgarh is a popular destination due to its historical as well as cultural values. Moving in and around the city, one will find the thumbprints of the mighty Rajput traditions that run through the city’s palaces, temples and folk arts and sculptures. The people of Chittorgarh are warm and friendly and Hindi is largely spoken by the majority of the population. Being a city associated with royal culture and heritage, the city offers warmth and welcomes all kinds of tourists with boarding and lodging facilities available for all genres of travelers.


Apart from its richness and culture, Chittorgarh also attracts a large number of visitors for the famous Teej festival celebrated in between the months of July and August according to the lunar calendar. The Gangaur festival of Chittorgarh is another popular festival that celebrates the traditional heritage of Rajput era with enthusiasm offering dance and folk singing galore giving an insight to the ancient heritage.


A visit to Rajasthan is incomplete without visiting Chittorgarh and the city has something in it for everyone including historians, pilgrims and art lovers.  The best time to travel to Chittorgarh is in the autumn season or the winter months between September and December.