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The island of Diu experiences mild tropical climatic conditions. Summer temperatures in Diu range from a minimum of 30°C to a maximum of 36°C. The weather remains hot yet comfortable due to sea breeze. The land receives sufficient rainfall during the monsoon season which extends from the month of June to September. Winters in Diu, stretching from October to February are cool and pleasant. The temperature varies from a minimum of 20°C to a maximum of 26°C. The best time to visit Diu is from the month of September to April.

How To Reach

By Road:

The Jethibai Bus Terminus is the major bus station in Diu. Many State Transport buses, both sleeper and general, ply between Ahmedabad and Diu.

By Air:

Located at Nagoa, the Diu Airport connects the island with the rest of the country. Established during the Portuguese supremacy, Diu Airport is now under the administration of the Airports Authority of India. Direct flights are available from Mumbai to Porbandar. Daily flights are present between Diu and Mumbai, except Saturday.

By Rail:

Diu Island lacks railway facilities. The closest railway junction is Una, situated at a distance of only 12 km from the town of Diu. The Una Railway Station is connected with few important cities in the state of Gujarat such as Junagadh, Delvada, Veraval via several passenger trains. Veraval is the nearest major railway station located almost 90 km away from Diu. This junction connects Diu to some important cities in Gujarat and other states like Pune, Trivandrum, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Somnath, Jabalpur.


The island of Diu located on the southern tip of the Kathiawar Peninsula of Gujarat is one of the most important tourist destinations in India. The region is characterized by a harmonious combination of sand, sea and sky. The pristine beaches and serene atmosphere of this picturesque island makes it a great vacation spot. Facing the clear, blue waters of the majestic Arabian Sea Diu is also one of the top off beat tourism destination in India.


Diu is well-known for its rich culture and history. Several illustrious dynasties ruled over the region during the ancient and medieval period. The city was famous as a colony of the Portuguese till the year 1961. Diu is currently a Union Territory, separated from the land of Goa in 1987. The island serves as a major naval base and trading post from where the leaders controlled the routes of shipping in the northern portion of the Arabian Sea between the 14th – 16th centuries.


The Diu Tourism Department arranges the Diu Festival each year in the month of December. Locals and tourists celebrate every festival here with much joy and enthusiasm. The people of the island are warm, fun loving and hospitable.


The island presents a unique juxtaposition of the traditional and the contemporary. While the traditional roots are evident in the architecture of the city through a number of historical constructions and monuments, the impact of modernism can be understood with the safe and enjoyable nightlife in the city.


The island of Diu has several shopping options for tourists. Many custom shops throughout the city sell the latest electronic gadgets and gizmos at affordable prices. Handmade trinkets, items made of pearls and seashells are sold at the beach by vendors. Handicrafts and leather slippers made of straw, sold in stores within the city are popular. Baskets and mats woven from bamboo are cheap yet durable. Exotic brands of Indian and foreign liquor are available in some parts of the city. The major shopping areas in Diu are Princess Park and the Maharaja Super Market.


The cuisine of the Union Territory of Diu consists mainly of traditional Portuguese and Gujarati food. Mughlai fare is also common in Diu. Sea food forms a major part of the cuisine in Diu. The subtle flavours of Goan cuisine can be experienced in several restaurants and cities in the island. Some eateries serve international and South Indian cuisine.