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Haryana is a landlocked state and due to its location on the Indo Gangetic plains, the state experiences a typical tropical climate. The summer season from April to July brings dry heat raising the temperatures to 45 to 46 degrees in some cities. The rainy season from July to September offer relief from the harsh summer and cools the average temperatures to 30 degrees but increasing humidity levels can sometimes be sapping for the tourists. The best time visit Haryana is the winter season running from October to March. Although months of December and January can sometimes be accompanied by fog and smog, the overall travelling experience of this magical state is best witnessed in the serene winter sun. 

How To Reach

By Road:

Travelling to Haryana is easy as the state has a well established road network with four and eight lane highways offering swift travel. The state capital of Chandigarh is at the cross section of two national highways namely National Highway 21 running from Ambala to Kinnaur and National Highway 22 running from Chandigarh right up to Leh. There is a regular bus service linking Chandigarh with other neighboring cities of Punjab and Harayana. The distance between Delhi to Chandigarh is 248 kms while driving from Jaipur to Chandigarh is 496 kms.

By Air:

Haryana is a landlocked state bordering Punjab on one side and Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi on the other. Reaching Haryana’s state capital Chandigarh by air is a convenient as the city is well connected by regular domestic flights from all major cities in India. The Chandigarh airport is located at a distance of about 12 kms from the city center and is one of the most beautiful airports in northern India.

By Rail:

Travelling to Chandigarh via rail is also as hassle free and convenient like any other mode of transport. Chandigarh is well connected to all parts of the country and a regular train service between Chandigarh and New Delhi via the Chandigarh New Delhi Shatabdhi express runs daily. Chandigarh is also very well connected by train to Ambala and Amritsar offering regular train services at regular intervals.


Haryana is a north Indian state that came into existence in 1966 when it was carved out of the neighboring larger state of Punjab. Haryana is a landlocked state sharing its borders with Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in the north to Rajasthan in the west and Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand in the east. While some regions of the state are part of the national capital region (NCR) due to their close proximity to New Delhi, majority of the state is located on the plains bounded by the beautiful Shivalik hills.


Haryana is an ideal tourism for adventure lovers and heritage lovers. The state also houses some famous Sikh and Hindu shrines. The spirit of Haryana still upheld its rich past and several interesting traditions along with fast pacing modernism. Haryana being a land of several wonderful festivals year round, the place is always vibrant and lively so as to attract any visitors. The Aravalli mountain ranges, a rich history, several ancient temples, local craft centers, all add to the beauty of the state. Due to its close proximity to the national capital, a host of recreational centers are available for tourists in Haryana.


Haryana is largely an agrarian state with wheat being the main produce. Dairy farming is also well supported and prevalent in Haryana. Apart from having immense tourist attractions, the state of Haryana is known for its rustic humor and buffalos. 


Haryana is not all about relaxed village life and agriculture but is an important industrial state.  Faridabad, Sonepat, Panipat and Ambala are the important industrial centers while the jewel in the states crown is the modern city of Gurgaon which has emerged as the face of young vibrant India in the last decade.


Haryana is also known as the land of festivals with over 3000 small and big fairs organized in different parts every year. Haryana also has a rich tradition of folk music and some of the villages like Handloa and Jaishri are named after traditional classical Ragas. Haryana is the perfect communion of rich old traditional heritage of India and modern urban India offering tremendous tourist escapades for the young and old alike.