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Hosure experiences comfortable weather conditions through out the year accompanied by intermittent rains. The climate in Hosure can broadly be divided into three seasons: summer season, monsoons and winter season.

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The summers (March to May) are pleasant with little humidity but sometimes there are uncomfortable heat waves. In summer the average temperature ranges within 20°C and 35°C and is at its highest during April. The monsoons span from June to September and bring considerable rainfall to the town. It is best to visit Hosur during October-November and during the winter months (December to February) when the temperature usually varies between 12°C and 24°C.

How To Reach

By Road:

The town of Hosure lies at a distance of 306 kilometers to the west of Chennai and is about 40 kilometers from Bangalore. The town has easy access to both the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Government buses running from Bangalore to Hosur. 

By Air:

The airport closest to Hosur is Bangalore International Airport ( 40kms) which is linked to all major cities of India. Another alternative is the Chennai International Airport ( 306 kms) which is also well connected within India and Asia. 

By Rail:

Hosur station is well-linked to entire Tamil Nadu. Trains running across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka traverse Hosur. Moreover, a number of trains running between Chennai and Bangalore also cross Hosur.     


The town of Hosur within Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu is an old town established by Hoysala ruler Rama Nathan in 1290. Though the town is historically important, currently it is famous for its enjoyable climate and growing production industry. Hosur was very popular since the British reign and served as the headquarters for the district of Salem.


Hosure with its pleasant climate and diverse attractions like temples, falls, memorials and fortresses makes a fine tourist spot. The residents of metros like Chennai and Bangalore love to spend their weekends in the calm atmosphere of Hosur away from hustle and bustle.


Recognized as a Special Economic Zone, Hosur is home to a number of manufacturing and automobile industries. The industrial proliferation of the town is well juxtaposed with its agricultural base. The soil of Hosur is very fertile and triggers the cultivation of many varieties of vegetables and fruits. Hosur along with some of the neighboring areas make the region the highest mango producer in the country.


Floriculture is also rampant in Hosur and contributes to make the town one of the highest exporters of roses in India. Roses cultivated here are exported as far as Japan, Europe, Middle East and Australia. Hosur also houses a cattle farm established under British rule in 1824.


The historical importance of the place can be seen from the rock engravings found at many sites bearing testimony to the fact that the town was inhabited throughout Mesolithic, Neolithic and Paleolithic period. There are a number of fascinating sites, artifacts and shrines in Hosur. The town scores high in its scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The beautiful golf course here is worth mentioning. The Hogenekkal Falls near this town attracts a lot of visitors, particularly during the winter months.


There a number of good hotels in luxury, economy as well as budget categories to suit everyone’s pocket in Hosur. Most of these hotels are conveniently situated at a close proximity to the bus terminus for the benefit of the tourists. There are also many restaurants serving variety of cuisines.