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Imphal has moderate and pleasant summer season with heavy rainfall in the middle of the year resulting in cold and foggy winter season. The summer season between April and June is warm but pleasant with maximum temperatures ranging between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. The monsoon season from July to September is accompanied by heavy rainfall making it difficult for tourists to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Imphal in all its glory. The winter months from November to February are cold and foggy with temperatures dipping below the freezing point in some regions. The best time to visit Imphal is between March and September.

How To Reach

By Road:

Imphal is well connected by good motor able highways to all parts of North East India. Located at the cross section of National Highway 39, National Highway 150, National Highway 37 and National Highway 102, reaching Imphal by road is by far the most convenient option. The distance between Kolkata and Imphal is 1431 Kms while Guwahati is at a distance of 479 Kms from Imphal city center.

By Air:

Imphal is well connected by air and houses a domestic airport located at a distance of 8 Kms from the city center. The airport of Imphal is well served by all major domestic airlines connecting it to all major Indian cities. Imphal airport gets regular daily flight services from Kolkata, Guwahati, New Delhi and Mumbai. Local cabs are easily available outside the domestic airport to visit the city center and its surrounding regions.

By Rail:

Imphal does not have a dedicated railway station and the closest station is Dimapur in Nagaland at a distance of 190 Kms. The Manipur government is working on a project to lay a rail line called the Trans Asian Rail line which will pass by Jiribam, Imphal and Moreh of Manipur. Currently there is a narrow gauge rail line from Jiribam located at a distance of 235 kms from Imphal.


Imphal also known as the 'Jewel of the East' is the capital city of Manipur. Located in the vicinity of the Manipur Basin, Imphal is known for its scenic natural beauty and cultural marvels. Located amid the backdrop of magnificent hills, Imphal is the face of the many war scars that have changed the demographic of the region and its culture over the centuries. The city of Imphal attracts tourists for its natural beauty and its historical association while the rich cultural heritage of various Manipuri tribes offers an immense blend of tradition and modernity.


This cute little city is surrounded by hills and has the Manipur river through its sides. A host of man-made marvels like monuments, parks, palaces, heritage sites as well as natural resources makes Imphal beautiful.


Imphal's populating consists of a number of age old tribes with the Meitei tribe being the most prominent making Imphal, the cultural capital of Manipur. While one of one hand Imphal offers a unique cultural and historic insight, the modern day Imphal has all amenities and infrastructural facilities like reputed schools, colleges and Universities, health centers, shopping malls, theatres, hotels and a range of attractions.


The people of Imphal are warm and friendly and Meiteilon is the official language of the state although Hindi, English, Burmese and Tibetan are also largely spoken. The State of Manipur stands out amongst the seven sisters as one of the cleanest and most peaceful states.


The Yaoshang Festival and the Ningol Chakkouba are the two major festivals celebrated in Imphal attracting large number of tourists. Maniprti tribals can be witnessed in close quarters during the festivity enjoying their traditional folk art and culture. Shopping enthusiast can gorge on the wonderful tribal handicrafts available in the market place at Khwairamband. From historic landmarks to hotbed of tribal art and culture and modern day shopping malls and excursion activities, Imphal has something in it for everyone attracting a large influx of tourists from across the globe.