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Itanagar has very pleasant winters with temperatures ranging around of 15 degrees to 19 degrees during the months of October to February. January is the coolest month with mercury falling to 10 degrees. The months of March and April are in the range of 20 – 22 degrees and are warm. This is the best time to visit Itanagar. The rainy months are from May to September. 

How To Reach

By Road:

Roads connect Itanagar to key cities like Guwahati (429 km), Kolkata (1611 km) and Shillong (495 km). There are many buses operated by Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Corporation and private operators that ply buses from these cities into Itanagar.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Itanagar is the Lilabari Airport in Assam, which is connected with flights from Guwahati. The distance between Lilabari airport and Itanagar can be covered in two hours by bus or a taxi.

Another airport close to Itanagar is Tezpur Airport, in Assam which is about 226 km drive from Itanagar. Tezpur in turn is connected to Kolkatta which is well connected to several Indian and international destinations. There are also periodic helicopter services between Gauhati and Itanagar. 

By Rail:

Itanagar also does not have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is Harmuti in Assam which is a 52 kilometre drive. The Arunachal express is the train that connects Harmuti to Assam.  From thereon Harmuti is connected to via the Kamakhya railway station to Kolkatta and other cities. The government is in the process of putting a 33 km railway line connected Itanagar and Harmuti which is expected to finish shortly. 


Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, is a place where time has not been able to touch its beauty and grace. The exotic array of its varied flora and fauna and the necklace of mystical mountains surrounding it, gives the place a truly magical aura.


The population of large number of ethnic tribes and their natural lives amidst the hills and valleys sets a slow and lay back pace here which most city dwellers would envy. Itanagar has got an inviting pastoral charm of its own.


The city is surrounded by towering snow clad Himalayan peaks in the North and the plains of Brahmaputra River in the south. The warmth of the rustic life and a pleasant weather throughout the year attracts many tourists to this less explored destinationItanagar is famous for its archaeological sites and heritage monuments.


Itanagar is a beautiful rustic landwith many interesting festivals, rituals and customs. The Losar festival, the New Year Celebration of the Monpas people (in the month of February) is a five day long colourful celebration with several interesting rituals like prayers, hoisting of religious flags,  lighting of butter lamps in the houses. Mopin, the harvest festival and Reh, the festival of the Idu Mishimis are the other interesting ones.  The festivals in Arunachal Pradesh are typical tribal festivals with dances, offering of sacrificial buffaloes, smearing rice powders, gifting animals to closest ones etc.


Shopping in Itanagar can be interesting for those who are looking for reasonably priced, but highly intricate local crafts. The most interesting thing to buy is the “Thangkas”. Made in exquisite silk the Thangkas are intricate paintings on cloth depicting religious iconography and geometric art of esoteric significance using local dyes and even gold. They perform several different functions, like being used in rituals and ceremonies as mediums and also as teaching tools when depicting the lives of the Buddha.


The other shopping attractions are woodcarvings, carpets, local dresses, shawls, and sarongs, coats, sashes and even carpets made from bark fibre. A walk through the city streets and by-lanes will overwhelm you with intricate wood carvings, traditional musical instruments and textiles.


Itanagar is also a trekker’s paradise. Itanagar - Ziro - Daporijo - Pashighat is a a famousl trek route offering beautiful scenery for adventure lovers. Rafting and angling are also popular activities here.


A visit to Itanagar is not complete unless one savours the entire range of Tibetan cuisine. The Balep (Tibetan bread) eaten with meat or potato stew is often the breakfast. The other big meal is the Thukpa which is mainly noodles, vegetables and meat in broth. The Tibetan tea is very special. It is salty in taste and made with Yak milk.