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Jalandhar like all other cities of Punjab has a typical tropical climate which makes it extremely dry in the summer months running from April to July. Temperatures can rise as high at 45-46 degrees in the summer months making it hard for travelers to cope with the heat and the dust. Monsoon months from August to October bring adequate rainfall to Jalandhar brining relief from the dry summer heat. Humidity levels are a little high during the rainy season. Winters in Jalandhar can be harsh with temperatures dipping to 4-5 degrees in the months of December and January. Like all other places in Punjab, Jalandhar experiences extreme fog and smog during the winter months. 

How To Reach

By Road:

Jalandhar city is located on the National Highway 1 which runs from Amritsar to New Delhi. The four lane state of the art highway makes travelling to Jalandhar by road d a pleasurable experience making the city well connected to other cities and towns of Punjab. Regular bus and cab services are available from Amritsar, Jammu and Kashmir, New Delhi and Himachal Pradesh for travelling to Jalandhar.

By Air:

Jalandhar has no domestic airport even though the region has maximum number of Non Resident Indians in its vicinity. The closets airport to Jalandhar is the Guru Ravi Das airport located in Amritsar around 80 Kms away from Jalandhar. Regular bus and cab services are available from Amritsar to Jalandhar. 

By Rail:

Reaching Jalandhar by rail is also a very convenient option. The city has a huge railway station which is a junction and one of the oldest railway stations of India. The city is located on the main New Delhi Amritsar section and has regular train services to all parts of India. Shatabdhi express plying between Amritsar and New Delhi stops at Jalandhar offering services twice every day catering to the needs of the travelers connecting them to the national capital at one end and the holy city of Amritsar at the other.


Jalandhar is one of the ancient cities located in the Doaba region of Punjab. The city located between Sutlej and Beas rivers is named after a demon king, Jalandhara who lived under water according to Hindu scriptures. The city was also known as Prasthala during the Mahabharata times and later known as Jullundur by the British. Modern day Jalandhar is one of the fast growing metropolitan cities in Punjab.


Jalandhar is the home to rich Punjabi farmland and not surprisingly the city was the centre of Green Revolution of India in the early years of 1960’s. As much as the agrarian economic traits of Jalandhar, the city is well known for the production of leather goods, textiles, wood products, sports equipment and traditional Indian sweets.


Jalandhar was also the capital of Punjab until Chandigarh was built in 1953. Although Punjabi and Hindi are the most spoken languages in Jalandhar, the city boasts of a large overseas Indian population.  While Jalandhar receives regular tourist influx throughout the year, the Harballabh Sangeet festival in December attracts musicians from across the globe.


The people of Jalandhar are warm and friendly and foreign tourists can feel at ease travelling along various parts of the city. Parandis (colourful braids used by Punjabi women) and Juttis (traditional Punjabi leather shoes with intricate designs) are synonymous to all parts of Punjab and Jalandhar is no different. Pidhis, the famous piece of furniture is made exclusively in Jalandhar. Jalandhar is also a cultural hotbed of Punjab and various folk singers and Bhangra dance groups are based out of this magical city.