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Junagadh experiences typical tropical climate with dry summers and moderate winter season. The summer season between March and July is warm and sunny with extreme dry heat. The maximum temperature in summers reaches nearly 45 degrees Celsius with extreme dry heat. The monsoon season between July and September brings adequate rainfall providing relief from the dry heat. The winter season from October to February is much more pleasant with temperatures in the range of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

How To Reach

By Road:

Junagadh can be reached from different cities of Gujarat by state transport buses and private vehicles as its well connected with good motor able roads and highways. Private buses as well as government owned state transport buses are available to reach Junagadh from Rajkot (102km), Porbandar(113 km), Ahmedabad (327 km).

By Air:

Junagadh does not have a dedicated airport and the closest airport is the one located in Keshod at a distance of 40 Kms. The airport at Keshod offers very limited connectivity and the biggest airport is the international airport of Ahmedabad located at a distance of 310 Kms. The Ahmedabad airport is well connected with all parts of India and has a regular influx of both national and international flights. Regular cab services are freely available at the Ahmedabad airport to reach Junagadh.

By Rail:

The city of Junagadh has a major railway station located on the Ahmedabad-Junagadh and Rajkot-Junagadh line. The Junagadh railway station has regular influx of trains from all parts of Gujarat and India. Some of the major trains reaching Junagadh include the Pune Veraval Ex, Rajkot (Vrl Bct Pass Ex) and Somnath Express from Ahmedabad.


The ancient city of Junagadh literally means an ancient Fort. It is one of the most widely visited tourist attractions in western India. The city is home to some of the finest forts and monuments in Gujrat. Located on the foothills of the Girnar hills in the south of the Saurashtra peninsula in the state of Gujarat, Junagadh offers an ancient allure of temples and monuments with a blend of Gothic and medieval architecture making for pleasant viewing for the tourists. Junagadh is also famous for its temples.


The city attracts a huge influx of travelers and tourists all through the year but the ‘Bhavnath Fair’ held in January each year offers an unforgettable insight into the culture and ancient heritage of Junagadh. As much as the city is famous for its ancient forts and religious monuments, Junagadh offers a glimpse to the wonderful Gujarati delicacies including Kadi and Khammam Dhokla which is by far the most popular Gujarati snack of the region. The people of Junagadh are warm and friendly with Gujarati and Hindi being the most popular languages.


The modern day Junagadh has its share of new age buildings and shopping malls but the real magic of this city is the old world charm. Junagadh is known for its herbal medicines as well as footwear and artifacts in marble and wood. Most of the traditional markets and bazaars in Junagadh still function in old narrow bylines of the city making for a pleasurable shopping experience.


From Forts to Buddhist monasteries to ancient Hindu temples, Junagadh is the epitome of Ancient Gujarati culture and lineage offering a wonderful insight to the cultural extravaganza of Saurashtra and Gujarat. While summers can be hot and sticky, the winter months between October and February offers the best climatic conditions to visit this lovely Indian cultural city of Junagadh.