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Mathura experiences typical sub tropical climate with warm summers and moderate winter season. The summers extending from April to August are warm and sticky with maximum temperatures reaching a high of 47 degrees Celsius in some regions. Summers can be a deterrent for international travelers as Mathura experiences dry summer heat. The monsoon season from July to September bring moderate rail fall providing relief from the dry heat but increasing the overall humidity levels. The winters in Mathura are pleasant and moderate with temperatures plying between a minimum of 8 to 10 degrees Celsius providing one of the best times to chalk out excursion activities around the magical city of Mathura.

How To Reach

By Road:

Located on the main New Delhi Agra National Highway, reaching Mathura by road is by far the most convenient option for tourists. Located at a distance of 147 Kms from the city of New Delhi, daily excursions including buses and private taxis are available to visit Mathura. The town is connected by good motor able roads and a network of highways connecting it to all major Indian cities. Distance between Kanpur and Mathura is close to 311 Kms while Jaipur is located at a distance of 218 Kms.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Mathura is the New Delhi International airport located at a distance of 147 Kms from the city. New Delhi airport is one of the best connected airports with regular domestic and international flights plying across various routes.  Bus and cab services are available freely to visit Mathura from the New Delhi International airport.

By Rail:

Mathura railway station on the New Delhi-Mumbai route is one of the important railway junctions in North India. Mathura is well connected to all major Indian cities and towns with regular train services from Bangalore (Karnataka Exp), New Delhi (Bhopal Shatabdhi) and Mumbai (Punjab Mail). Taxis are available outside the Mathura railway station for the tourists.


Mathura located on the banks of River Yamuna is one of the most significant religious towns of India. Located in the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura is believed to be the birth place of Lord Krishna attracting pilgrims and devotees from across the globe. An epitome of Indian culture and civilization, the city of Mathura offers a great insight into the colorful collusions of the Indian civilization from its ancient history to the modern day growth.


The holy city of Mathura has a large number of religious shrines and temples associated with Lord Krishna attracting spiritualists and pilgrims from far and wide. Located on the banks of the Yamuna, Mathura offers a surreal silence of bliss and transcendence to the devotees. The holy abode of Lord Krishna, Mathura is one of the most significant religious cities in India attracting Hindus, Jains and Buddhists alike. The city symbolizes its love for Lord Krishna by celebrating the festivals of Janamashtmi and Holi with their color and fervor. The city attracts a large number of international tourists to witness the splendor of its festivities.


The spiritual city of Mathura offers a wide range of gourmet delights for the tourists from road side eateries to hygienic temple food served with love and devotion. No trip to Mathura however is complete without checking out the famous sweet of Pedas. Shopping enthusiasts can find a wide range of souvenirs and handicrafts dedicated to Lord Krishna that can relive the mystical charm of Mathura for time immemorial.


From visiting the evening prayers or aarti's around the temples to taking a holy dip in the various Ghats of the city, Mathura offers a divine travelling experience aimed at purifying the mind, body and soul.