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Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley


Due to its geographic location amid the might Himalayan Peaks, Nubra Valley is covered with snow for almost half of the year making it impossible to travel. All roads and flights remain suspended in the winter season from October to March with temperatures dropping as low as minus fifteen degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Nubra Valley La is between May and October. During these months the pass remains open unless there is a sudden change in weather conditions.

How To Reach

By Road:

Reaching Nubra Valley by road is the only way to reach the center stage of this magnificent pass. Travelers can drive from Leh either using shared taxis or private cabs or drive down on their own from Leh to reach Nubra Valley.

By Air:

Nubra Valley does not have a dedicated airport and the closest airport is the Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport of Leh situated at a distance of 120 Kms. Due to the weather conditions, all flights from the Leh airport fly out early in the morning. Leh is well connected to most Major Indian cities with regular flights from Mumbai, New Delhi and Srinagar.

By Rail:

Due to its geographic location, there are no railway stations in Nubra Valley. The best way to reach Khardung is to travel to Srinagar or Leh and take up a private cab apart from being part of various motorcycling excursions.


Nubra Valley also known as the valley of flowers is one of the most beautiful tourist landmarks in Ladkah region. Located at a distance of 10,000 feet above sea level, Nubra Valley is blessed with exotic natural landscape amid the pristine water ways and magnificent Himalayan peaks. Most tourists visiting Leh and Ladakh region visit this Nubra Valley to soak in the spiritual ambience offering peace and inner calm along with picturesque snow capped mountains and valleys.


The people are of Nubra Valley are warm and friendly. The majority of the populations of the villages across Nubra valley are practicing Buddhists. Nubra Valley is home to some of the famous Buddhist monasteries attracting spiritual seekers, monks and tourists alike. Ladakhi and Kashmiri dishes are abundantly available across Nubra Valley. The most popular gourmet delights of the region include mutton stew, Yakhni and Sku which is a traditional Ladakhi soup made with vegetables, mutton and some flour. The annual festival of Yuru Kabgyat festival celebrated on the fifth month of Tibetan lunar calendar is one of the most famous festivals celebrated in the region. The mask dance performed by monks is one of the most culturally rich traditions attracting a large number of tourists.


There are not many exquisite accommodation options in Nubra Valley while most travelers opt to spend the night amid open skies camping under the stars. While indifferent weather can make it challenging for camping at times, travelers are recommended to stay in Leh which has more boarding and lodging options. Away from the hustle and bustle of busy urban life, the picturesque town of Nubra Valley offers a surreal calmness amid the wonderful monasteries and snow capped mountain ranges. Nubra Valley offers a perfect holiday backdrop for tourists seeking a holiday destination offering a complete surrender to spirituality and godhead.