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Raigad due to its strategic location experiences typical tropical climate with moderate summers and pleasant winter season. The summer months from April to June are hot and dry with temperatures reaching 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. The winter season ranges from October to February bringing adequate sunshine and pleasant climate with temperatures dipping to as low as 10 degrees Celsius. The monsoon rains descend in Raigad from July to September brining is much relief from the hot summer season and making the city dwell with tourists and travelers from nearby locations of Mumbai and Pune to enjoy the brilliant rainfall season.

How To Reach

By Road:

style="font-size: small;">Reaching Raigad by road is by far the most preferred route used by majority of the tourists. Regular cab and bus services ply between Mumbai and Raigad (187 km) and Pune to Raigad (102 km).Maharashtra State Road Transport and other private operators have regular bus services to Raigad from various cities and towns across Maharashtra.

By Air:

Raigad does not have a dedicated airport facility and the closest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai located at a distance of 187 Kms. The Mumbai airport is well connected to all big and small cities within India and overseas. Local cabs and buses are freely available from the Mumbai airport to visit Raigad.

By Rail:

Raigad does not have a dedicated railway station and the closest railway station is the one located at Vir Dasgaon at a distance of 40 Kms. Vir Dasgaon station is well connected by Pune and Mumbai with regular train services. Local cabs and buses are available outside the Vir Dasgaon railway station to reach Raigad.


Raigad located in the Konkan region of Maharasthra is an ancient town attracting a large number of tourists and history lovers. Located at an elevation of 2851 feet above sea level, Raigad is famous as the capital city of the Maratha Kingdom under Chhatrapati Shivaji's rule. Literally meaning the King's Fort, Raigad is famous for the ancient Raigad Fort considered as one of the safest Forts ever built in India. Apart from its historical importance, Raigad attracts a large number of nature lovers to witness its splendid scenic sights offering a breathtaking view of the magnificent Sahyadri hills.


Raigad is popular with adventure tourists offering them a many adventure sports escapades ranging from trekking to hiking and rock climbing. Raigad has a number of hills and Rocky Mountains exclusively used by adventure tourists and mountaineering students. Ideal for nature lovers, adventurers and trekkers, Raigad has something in it for everyone making it one of the most widely visited hill stations of Maharashtra.


The people of Raigad are warm and friendly with Marathi and Hindi being the largely spoken languages. Raigad being the cultural epicenter of rural Maharashtra is famous for its folk arts and cultural uniqueness.  Keertan, Koli Dance, Bhajan and Bharud are some of popular cultural charms of Raigad region. The local cuisine of Raigad has a strong Maharashtrian influence with the ‘Wada Paw’ and ‘Bhel Puri’ being the most popular local snacks. The city offers a wide large of accommodation options catering to the need of the budget tourist as well as the high end luxury traveler.