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The town of Rajgir experiences extreme weather conditions. Summers, extending from March to May, are extremely hot and dry. The temperature ranges from a minimum of 20° C to a maximum of 40° C. The monsoon season begins in the month of June and continues till September. Low temperatures and high levels of humidity characterize the season. The town receives rainfall only during the monsoon. December to February constitutes the cold season of winter. The temperature during this season ranges between almost 6°C at nights while days are around 28° C. The best time to visit Rajgir is from the month of October to March.

How To Reach

By Road:

Rajgir town is situated at a distance of almost 98 km from Patna city and just 19 kms from Nalanda. Transportation options such as private vehicles, buses and taxi cabs are available to tourists.

By Air:

Patna is the nearest commercial airport from the town of Rajgir. The Patna Airport is well-connected to most of the important cities in India such as Mumbai, Lucknow, Ranchi, Delhi and Kolkata. Private flights are available from Delhi. Taxi cabs convey tourists from the airport to the city.

By Rail:

Railways connect Rajgir to Patna. There are three major trains running from the city of Patna to Rajgir.


Rajgir is a small town situated in the Nalanda district of Bihar state. This ancient town is nestled in the heart of a valley and is enclosed by hillocks and lush green forests. There is a predominant influence of the Buddhism in the town and its serene ambiance is very appealing. The town of Rajgir occupies an important position in Buddhism and Lord Buddha is believed to have delivered several sermons here. The pioneer of Jainism, Lord Mahavira also had spent some years in Rajgir.


The town is resplendent with the ruins of many old temples. Rajgir is a popular holiday spot due to its calm environment, spiritual aura and relaxed nature. There are some good tourist attractions in the town which manage to attract several visitors.


The old town was once protected by a wall. Much of it lies in ruins at the moment. The government has carried out some restoration work in the walls recently. Tourists are can explore a 6th century fort in the region. Several caves exist in the area, perfect for trekking activities.


There are plenty of shopping opportunities in the town of Rajgir. The most popular items are the local handicrafts including bowls and sculptures. Some stores sell religious products such as incense sticks, beads and metal statues. These are sold near the different tourist sites.


The cuisine of the town of Rajgir is a combination of various styles. Tourists can enjoy Indian delicacies and delicious Chinese dishes. Some restaurants serve sushi and Japanese cuisine. The Shrimp Tempura is specialty and goes well with sake drink. Few food places serve Nepali dishes. The town of Rajgir is famous for khaja, a sweetmeat formed from sugar, edible oils and refined wheat flour.