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The city of Shigatse experiences highland continental weather conditions. Winters are rather dry and frosty while summers are extremely wet and warm. Shigatse boasts of moderate temperatures, with the steady average annual temperature of 6.3°C. The region hardly receives any precipitation from the month of October to April, when the difference in temperature during the day and night cross 20°C. Almost two-thirds of the annual rainfall here happens between May and September. Shigatse, a part of the Tibetan plateau, receives sufficient sunshine, totaling 3248 hours, throughout the year. The peak tourist season in Shigatse begins in the month of May and lasts till October.

How To Reach

By Road:

Situated at the intersection of many highways, Shigatse remains connected with the rest of the world via National Highway No.318 and the China-Nepal Highway. Mini-buses cover the distance from Lhasa to Shigatse. Public transportation is available from Gyantse, Gampa, Dromo, Lhatse, Sakya and Khangmar on a regular basis.

By Air:

The Shigatse Peace Airport is located at a distance of 45 km from the city of Shigatse.

By Rail:

There are no railway lines connecting Shigatse with the rest of the world. Railways are currently under construction in the city, set to open for public service in the year 2014.


Shigatse or Xigaze is the second largest city of Tibet region. The city is a well-known seat of Panchen Lama who is considered to be on equal footing with the Dalai Lama by Tibetians. The city is located about 250 km southwest of Lhasa and covers an area of 3700 sq. km at an altitude of 3850 m above sea level, bordering India.


Shigatse is the religious, cultural and political hotspot of Tibet. The people of the region still maintain the traditional way of life. Several majestic buildings of this region which were in ruins have been converted to tourist sites recently. The cultural relics of the places and the serene monasteries here tell several interesting stories from Tibetian history.


The city is at present the main centre of the road network between Nepal, Lhasa and the western part of Tibet. Several picturesque locations, age old monasteries and the warmth of rustic life makes Shigaste a must visit destination in Tibet.


Several monasteries and Buddhist buildings are scattered in Shigaste making it a serene town. The local flavor of this town is enigmatic and so is the typical Tibetian architecture. The Tibetian homes with several spiritually significant wall paintings and prayer flags are curious sights.



Shigatse boasts of its gold, silver and copper craft factory. Tourists can buy valuable souvenirs from here.  Shigatse is also famous for its gorgeous silk carpets. The cuisine of Shigatse is similar to the rest of Tibet. Beef and mutton are common and Tsangpa is the staple food. The famous snack called Pungbi is available in local eateries. Restaurants serve both Tibetan and spicy Szechwan cuisine.