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Sonepat lies on the Indio Gangetic plains and has a very similar climatic structure like most other cities of Haryana. The summer season from March to August is hot and dry with temperatures reaching as high as 46 degrees Celsius. The rainy season from End of July to September provide relief from the dry dusty heat of the summer but increase the overall humidity levels Winters in Sonepat are very similar to Delhi with fog and smog being a common occurrence. Temperature in December can drop to as low as 3 to 4 degrees Celsius but overall winter months over a pleasurable experience and is one of the best time to take a trip to Sonepat to enjoy the city’s vibrant historic monuments and culture.

How To Reach

By Road:

Sonepat is located on the main National Highway 1 from New Delhi to Amritsar. The six lane highway is state of the art and driving to Sonepat is a convenient option for tourists. Regular cabs and buses are available from New Delhi to Sonepat. Travelling time to reach Sonepat from New Delhi is close to an hour through picturesque fields.

By Air:

Since Sonepat is located at a distance of 46 Kms from the national capital of New Delhi, Indira Gandhi international and domestic airports are the closest airports. New Delhi airport is well connected to all parts of India with regular national and international flights arriving each day. Cabs and buses are available from the airport to reach Sonepat.

By Rail:

Sonepat railway station is on the main New Delhi Amritsar line and all trains moving from New Delhi to Punjab and Haryana stop at Sonepat. Local trains are also available from the New Delhi railway station to reach Sonepat. Travelling time by train lies in the range of 45 minutes to an hour and is a convenient mode to transportation to reach Sonepat. Sonepat railway station offers cabs and buses for tourists for sightseeing and visit popular excursions around the city.


Sonepat is one of the popular cities of Haryana located at a distance of 46 kms from New Delhi. Due to its close proximity to New Delhi, the region is also referred to as the National Capital region.  Sonepat also known as Sonipat derives its name from the ancient Sanskrit world Sonprastha meaning the Golden Land. Sonepat has also been the epicenter of history with as many as three major battles fought in the area between the rulers of Delhi and the invading armies of Mughals and Afghan kings.


Although Sonepat is located very close to Delhi, it has its own independent charm and culture. Tourists visiting Sonepat would not only love the historic ancient monuments of the city but the modern amenities of Hotels, shopping malls and cafes are balanced by age old tradition and culture.


Modern day Sonepat has a hotbed of commercial activities including rice farming and the city is home to a number of well known companies including Atlas cycles, Osram group and Daawat basmati rice. The booming business activities and close proximity to Delhi have made Sonepat a hotbed of real estate boom with land prices rising every quarter.


Commercial activity apart, Sonepat offers a great deal of historic references for the travelers and most tourists visiting Sonepat are awestruck watching the ancient history unfolding before them. The city also is a spiritual hub with a number of popular shrines catering to both Hindus and Muslims alike. The people of Sonepat are warm and friendly and the city offers accommodation facilities across the board from ultra luxury modern hotels to budget hotels and lodges. No trip to Sonepat is complete with checking out the local flavors of the city which have a blend between the old Delhi charm and the Haryanvi cuisine. Milk and dairy products like Lassi form a part of the Sonepat’s culture and there are a number of well known eateries in the city offering mouth watering delicacies including chat and dairy bases sweets.