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Umaria has a typical tropical climate characterized by all four seasons. March to August is the summer season peaking in June and July where temperatures reach a high of 45 to 46 degrees. End of July to September brings the season monsoon showers with the town receiving an annual rainfall of 1133mm. The rains help reducing the dry heat and bring relief to travelers. The winter season from October to February is cold due to the location of Umaria on the leeward side of the eastern Satpuda mountain ranges. The lowest temperatures in winter reach 2to 3 degrees while maximum temperatures remains in the range of 14to 15 degrees.

How To Reach

By Road:

A good network of roads connects Umaria to a number of cities in India. Umaria is well connected to other tourist centers of Khajuraho and Jabalpur. Umaria lies at a distance of nearly 230 KMs from both the cities. Regular bus and cab services are available between Banhavgarh, Jabalpur and other towns in Madhya Pradesh to reach Umaria. Travelling distance by road between Jabalpur and Umaria and Khajuraho and Umaria is close to 5 hours.

By Air:

Being a small town Umaria does not have a dedicated airport. The nearest airport to Umaria is the one located in Khajuraho nearly 230 Kms away. The Khajuraho airport is a domestic airport which is well connected to a number of major Indian cities including Delhi and Mumbai due to its tourist interest. Regular bus and cab services are available from Khajuraho to visit Umaria. The driving distance between Khajurao and Umaria is five hours.

By Rail:

Reaching Umaria by rail is quite convenient as the town’s railway station is well connected with other major cities of Madhya Pradesh including Jabalpur and Kahjuraho. Regular train services are available between Umaria and New Delhi as well as the state capital of Bhopal. The nearest major railway station to Umaria is Indore which is at a distance of 35.4 kilometers. Umaria railway station is located just 2 Kms from the main town of Umaria and local cab facilities are available for tourists.


Umaria is a small town located in the north eastern district of Madhya Pradesh in the heart of India. Umaria district has an extensive forest cover and is a famous tourist destination. It is the base camp for visiting the famous Bandhavgarh National Park which was once the hunting preserve of the Maharajah of Rewa. Today Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the few remaining havens of the fabled Royal Bengal Tiger and Umaria gives the tourists an opportunity to watch the wild cats in their natural habitat.


Being a small town, Umaria does not have luxury hotels or five star boarding facilities. Being an adventure tourism spot, most tourists visiting Umaria prefer staying in tents and cottages in a natural setting. It offers excellent opportunity to come closer to the wilderness of the jungles.


Umaria not only gives tourists once in a lifetime experience of watching natural beauty and wildlife, the town is also a perfect getaway from the crowds, hustles and bustles of cities. Being a small town located near the tiger reserve, Umaria does not offer much scope for shopping but wildlife and photography enthusiasts visiting Umaria love to capture nature’s beautiful moments that are much more valuable.Besides jungles and nature, the old historic forts here too are famous.