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Top Attractions


Mini Zoological Garden:

Situated on the Bethlehem Vengthlang Hill, the Mini Zoological Garden is a sanctuary providing shelter to several unique wildlife species and birds of the region. The endangered sun bear is the highlight of the zoo. People of all ages can enjoy the zoological garden.


Cultural Sub-Centre:

Located to the north of the city of Aizawl, the Cultural Sub-Centre has been established on a picturesque hill range. A good retreat spot, the Centre permits visitors to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life by offering them a confluence of contemporary amenities amidst the heart of nature. Tourists can reach the spot by a rented car or cab.


Bara Bazaar:

The famous flea market in the city of Aizawl, Bara Bazaar is the most important shopping destination of the hill station. Situated on the opposite side of the ridge, the market consists of rows of stalls selling garments along with several other commodities. The popularity of the market is mainly due to the bright and colourful ethnic garments and handcrafted wicker baskets. The Zion Street within the market is crowded with stores dealing in music cassettes and garments. Shops here also sell produces extracted from homesteads and farms, like river crab in tiny wicker baskets.



Bung is a beautiful picnic site with an isolated green stretch among the hills. The spot will be crowded with visitors and locals carrying picnic baskets or taking rest under the shade of trees in the warm afternoons.


Mizoram State Museum:

The Museum present in the middle of the city showcases many items that reflect the ethnic heritage of the region. Constructed in the year 1977, the ethnological museum houses almost 2,500 items reflects the rich history and traditional background of the state. A whole gallery in the museum is dedicated to the various tribes of Mizoram. The museum boasts of musical instruments, images, natural history pieces and archeological artifacts. The exhibit of the tribal textiles of Mizoram is the main attraction.


Durtlang Hills:

Located on the northern side of the city, Durtlang Hills are rocky hills providing visitors with a grand view of the hill station. Tourists can indulge in trekking at the spot.



A tiny village, located only 5 km away from the heart of the city, Ruantlang has been successful in preserving the Mizo lifestyle. The village can be reached via taxi or car.