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Top Attractions


Alchi Monastery:

The highlight of Alchi is the gorgeous Alchi Monastery. This is one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh region and dates back to the 11th century. Situated along the banks of the River Indus on the main highway extending from Leh to Srinagar, the monastery is also known as Alchi Choskhor or the Alchi Gompa. The Alchi Monastery is a perfect study centre for Buddhism. The paintings here are a delight for tourists who wish to see a variety of Indian fine art.


The monastery is presently managed by the monks of Likir Monastery, houses two important temples within the premises – the Sum-tsek and Alchi Du-khang. Visitors to the monastery need to carry a flashlight since there is no electricity inside. Tourists are forbidden to take photographs inside this sacred site. Both Buddhists and Hindus frequent the temple and offer their prayers.


Manjushri Lha-Khang:

The Manjushri Temple is also called Jampe Lhakhang. Established in the 12th century, this square shrine holds four different images of the illustrious Bodhisattva (enlightened-beings according to Buddhism), Manjushri. The murals in the temple depict the Thousand Buddhas theme while guardians and goddesses crowd the wall space. The idols here are positioned on a lion throne and are adorned with jewellery, crown, bow, arrow, book and a sword. 'Seven Jewels' as well as 'Eight Suspicious Symbols' are represented at the base of the throne.



The Du-Khang is the main temple located within the Alchi Monastery. Also called the assembly hall, Du-Khang is the largest and oldest structure in Alchi dating back to the 11th century. Mainly used as a ceremonial hall for monks, Du-Khang boasts of the famous image of Vairochana (celestial Buddha). The temples walls have been dedicated to the panch tathgats, who have been painted with six diverse mandalas surrounding the Vairochana. Along with different paintings of Bodhisattva dieties, there are several fierce deities, lesser entities, goddesses and the guardian of dharmas, painted on the walls.


Lotsawa Lha-Khang:

The Buddhist temple of Lotsawa Lha-Khang is one of the main temples dedicated to Rinchen Zangpo (a famous Buddhist translator). The temple boasts of several beautiful paintings by Sakyamuni, a Sakya clan sage.



Within the Alchi Gompa lies the celebrated temple of Sum-Tsek. This mud structure boasts of two storeys and holds three large figures of Bodhisattvas with four arms. A large figure of Maitreya Buddha (Buddha of the future or laughing Buddha) dominates the middle portion of the floor.