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Top Attractions


Bright End Corner:

Bright End Corner is a peaceful and serene spot, ideal for catching a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise and sunset. Tourists can catch the best views during dusk and dawn. The circuit houses established in the quiet environment are perfect for enjoying the spirit of nature. The region boasts of the Vivekananda library, with a vast collection of spiritual and philosophical books.  The site is dedicated to Swami Vivekananda who spent some days at the location during his visit to the Himalayas.


Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum:

Located on Mall Road, the Gobind Pant Public Museum displays exclusive and varied collections of archeological, cultural and historical significance. Rare items dating back to the Chand and Katyuri dynasties are also showcased at the museum. Special exhibits include folk style of painting called Kumaoni and Aspen antiquities. The museum provides tourists with the chance to get an insider’s look at the different aspects of Aspen painting. Aspen, being culturally significant, involves a great deal of research.

Visiting Hours – 10:30 hrs to 16:30 hrs


Katarmal Sun Temple:

Situated close to the hill town of Almora, the Katarmal temple is the second most important sun temple in India. The temple complex is approximately 800 years old with a central temple bounded by 45 minor shrines. A monument of religious significance, the temple is now in ruins. The unique style of architecture as well as the engraved images on the walls is highly detailed.


Chitai Temple:

One of the highlights of the town of Almora, the Chitai Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Locals visit the temple to present their offerings. According to history, the temple was established by one of the generals belonging to the Chand dynasty. The temple boasts of several bells within the premises, hung by devotees making a wish or in fulfillment of one’s wish. This is the most important religious attraction in the town of Almora.



Jageshwar, near the town of Almora, is an important religious site for the Hindus. It is said to be the dwelling place of one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The main temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was constructed at the confluence of the Nandini and Surabhi rivers. The place consists of 124 temples with several statues depicting the craftsmanship of the period. The oldest temple is Mrityunjaya while Dindeshwara happens to be the biggest.



This is a popular picnic spot with a beautifully landscaped garden near Almora, located 10 kms from the town. This being an interesting spot is often visited by foreign travellers as well as families.



This beautifully located pilgrim spot dedicated to Goddess Kali is located 4 kms from Almora. The enchanting views of Himalayan mountains from here is a must see.


Kasar Devi Temple:

Located just 7 kms from Almora town, this temple has great religious significance in connection with Skanda Purana. Swami Vivekanda is believed to have meditated here.



This is an ideal place for both nature and adventure lovers.The mountain ranges here covered with pines and deodars are captivating. Many adventure loving travellers camp here for trekking activities.