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Top Attractions


Madhavgad Fort:

The Madhavgad Fort in Amboli offers an astounding view of the forests adjoining the region. Tourists can reach the fort from the northern side. The fort gives a beautiful panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and the Konkan Coast. The Madhavgad Fort is in a state of ruin at present. There is a famous memorial is located along its main road. Traces of the ancient war that took place in the region can be witnessed from the fort.


Amboli Falls:

One of the grandest and most scenic tourist sites in the region is the Amboli Falls. Its beauty and the romantic atmosphere surrounding it attract thousands of tourists especially honeymooners here round the year. The Amboli falls that falls from a great height will be in full glory during monsoons. The whole town will be mist covered and lush green. This gushing water fall is extremely thrilling to watch especially during monsoon. It is agreat relief from the heat of the scorching summer season.


Nangartas Falls:

Located at a distance of almost 10 km away from the city of Amboli, the Nangartas Falls are located in the district of Sindhudurg. The falls is well-known for its pleasant and picturesque surroundings. The Nangartas Falls drops into a narrow and attractive ravine with a deep and mysterious sound. A concrete bridge spans the length of the falls in order to provide visitors with a more secure and improved sight of the falls and the ravine. The awesome beauty of the falls draws many tourists to the location.


Shiva Temple:

This small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva known as Hiranyakeshi in Amboli is housed in front of a cave from where the River Hiranyakeshi Uppam originates. The common belief in the region is that the temple was established by a man who was considered to be the manifestation of the Lord himself. The surroundings of the temple are peaceful and serene. There are seven ponds within the cave premises and only the last pond receives sunlight. Several devotees flock to the temple during the night of Mahashivratri. The interiors of the cave are very dark and no one had properly explored as it is very challenging.


Summer Palace:

The summer palace in Amboli was originally built for the ruler of Goa, Adil Shah. The building dates back to the 16th century. The summer palace is a fine example of the traditional architecture of the region. The building is colonial in appearance with detailed woodwork in the verandahs and sloping roofs. The building was the site of the Goan State Legislature.


Shirgaonkar Point:

Located 2.5 kms from Amboli this is an ideal family picnic spot. The winding roads with picturesque scenery on both sides can be best enjoyed by walks.

Hiranyakeshi River:

The starting point of Hiranyakeshi River is a great picnic spot with boating facilities. The temples surrounding the place above the surrounding small hillocks are worth visiting to taste the local flavor and to know more about the traditions here. This spot offers a perfect relaxed atmosphere as you can enjoy the scenery and listen to the chirping of birds.  



Situated 30 kms from Amboli on Goa-Mumbai highway, this small is worth a hault in between your Goa or Amboli trip. Th surrounding green mountains and the beauty of 'Moti' lake makes this town an attractive picnic spot. The place is also good to shop for local handicrafts especially bamboo articles and souveneirs. It is also good to enjoy the place during evening tasting the local snacks from small eateries.  


Redi Ganpati temple:

This small  Ganesh temple built after discovering a Ganesha idol from the mines is situated close to a beautiful rocky beach.



This enchanting coastal town is located 30kms from Sawantwadi. The beaches here are very pristine and the port here depicts many tales of trades with the Dutch and Portuguese. The nearby Mochemad Village is also blessed with beautiful beaches and green spots.


Sunset Point: 

Located on the road to Amboli Ghat, the Sunset Point is the highest point of the area and offers a sweeping view of sunset and sunrise scenes.


Bauxite Mines:

Situated at a distance of almost 10 km away from Amboli, the bauxite mines allow tourists to experience a unique yet pleasing trip.


Sea View Point:

This spot should be on the must-visit list of every tourist since it provides a great view of the entire Konkan Coast.