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Top Attractions


Athirappilly Falls:

Enjoy the wild beauty of nature here sitting in the lap of rocks and feeling the water sprays of nature. The Athirappilly Falls, situated almost 66 km from the heart of the city of Thrissur is a well known picnic site for tourists and locals due to the location as well as the magnificent waterfall, 80 ft in height. The waterfall lies in the Sholayar ranges and consists of two popular amusement parks in the vicinity, known as Silver Storm and Dream World.


The scenic beauty of the waterfalls has made it a prominent feature in several Indian movies. The waterfall swells up during the monsoon season, which has earned it the title of the ‘Indian Niagara’.

Precautions should be taken on site to avoid mishaps while swimming


Chalakudy River:

Popularly known as Chalakudy Puzha, the river of Chalakudy is situated in the Thrissur district of the South Indian state of Kerala. The river is the source of several waterfalls all over the state and is also the fourth longest river of Kerala. The river is filled with large rocks. The fertile soil of the area of the river is conducive to the growth of a deep vegetation cover. The river is said to originate in the Anamudi Peak of the state of Tamil Nadu. The Chalakudy River is a collection of major tributaries such as Sholayar, Anakayam, Karapara, Kuriyakutti and Parambikulam of the Kerala State. Tourists need to use the rocky pathway to the river very carefully since it happens to be quite slippery. The famous Athirapally waterfall and the lesser Vazhachal Falls are situated on this river. The River boasts of more than 80 different species of fish.


Vazhachal Falls:

Located at a distance of only 3 km from the official entrance to the Athirappilly waterfall, the Vazhachal Falls are said to originate from the Chalakudy River. The stunning waterfall which cascades on the edge of the forest range of Sholayar has been considered as one of the finest within the country of India. There are a number of natural gardens and small streams close to vicinity of the waterfall. The best time to visit this spot is from the month of June to October owing to the pleasant climatic conditions. The Vazhachal falls are connected to the Chalakudy Bus Station via buses and private taxis. The forest gardens situated close with its abundant flora, especially the herbal plantations maintained by the forest department, is a paradise for Botanists.


Charpa Falls:

Situated close to the region of the Athirappilly waterfalls, the Charpa Falls are known for their gushes of sparkling waters, especially during the season of monsoon. The waterfall is located almost 60 km away from the district of Thrissur. The height of the Charpa waterfalls is not very impressive when compared to some of the other waterfalls in the adjoining region.


Thumpurmuzhi : 

Located in the middle of two water theme parks, Thumburmuzhi is a stop in between for those who want to experience more and more.  The gardens, waterfalls and lush greenery here attract many tourists.


Malakapara Tea Gardens: 

Located about 51 kms from Athirappilly, a jungle safari or forest exploration on walks at Malakkapara will take you to Malakkapara Tea Garden. The route from Athirappilly to Malakkapara itself is very fascinating with the beautiful scenery on either sides.