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Located at a distance of 2 km to the north of the town of Bakkhali lies the twin town of Frasergunj. The area gets its name from Andrew Fraser who tried to transform the region into a resort during the early 1900’s. However, has was unsuccessful in his venture since the waves constantly washed away the constructions. The ruins of his office are still visible. Frasergunj is the site of a Wind Energy Farm that is soon going to increase its output from 1MW to 2MW. The windmills of the farm stand in a row on the beach and the power generated from the farm is utilized by the island of Bakkhali. The main source of income is fishing.


Bakkhali Beach:

The beach at Bakkhali extends up to Frasergunj. Both the clean sand and water appear grey since the land slopes in the direction of the Bay of Bengal. There are beautiful mangrove forests close to beach. The main attractions of this tourist spot are a crocodile park and the Bishhalakshmi Temple. Vendors on the beach sell regional handicrafts and coconuts. Shacks are present on the beach, serving lunch to tourists.


Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project:

The project in the Sunderbans region is home to several crocodiles of diverse ages. A farm for breeding crocodiles harbours the greatest number of estuarine crocodiles in all of India. The hatchery present in the sanctuary offers tourists a glimpse of crocodiles, ranging from adults to newborns.


Sagar Island:

Covering an area of 300 sq. km, this large uninhabited island is situated at the point of convergence between River Hooghly and the sea. To reach Gangasagar Island tourists have to avail a ferry from Namkhana. The mela organized at the site in January during the period of Makar Sankranti attracts thousands of Hindu pilgrims to the temple of Kapil Muni on the island. Devotees take a dip in the waters of the region. A popular site for bird watchers, Sagar Island boasts of several minor river channels and mangrove swamps. The major tourist attractions of the region are Sagar Marine Park and the Kapil Muni temple.


Henry’s Island:

The Island gets its name from a European who surveyed the area covered with mangrove swamps back in the 19th century. The island is just a 10 min ride away from Bakkhali. The beach in the area is muddy and rocky. There are some lodges in Henry’s Island set up by the Fisheries Department of West Bengal apart from a pisciculture project. Tourists can watch the cultivation and breeding of fishes and prawns. The region boasts of several varieties of flora and fauna, being an extension of the Sunderbans. Henry’s Island is a popular hub for bird-watchers.


Jambu Dweep:

Jambu Dweep can be reached in just 8 mins from Bakkhali via boat ride. This southernmost island remains underwater for a few months in the year. As soon as it resurfaces, fishermen construct makeshift houses. The area is a Reserve Forest with a large population of water birds. Mud crabs are a common sight on the island.