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Top Attractions


Tipi Orchidarium:

Situated by the banks of River Bharali in Tipi, the Tipi Orchidarium is among the leading orchidariums in India. In this orchid center close to 2600 orchids belonging to 80 varieties of species are cultivated. The orchid center, occupying 110 acres of area is the perfect destination for anglers and rafters. Moreover, the center houses an orchid museum that has stocks of many uncommon orchids as well as photos, jars, maps and specimens of varieties of orchids that are available in Arunachal Pradesh. The tissue culture lab within the orchidarium generates around twenty to forty thousand seedlings of exotic species of orchids which are distributed amongst cultivators. The main appeal of the orchid center lies in a fiber proof glass building comprising 1000 magnificent orchids in hanging baskets and pots. Adding to the exquisite beauty is a fond located in the middle of the place.


Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary:

This wildlife sanctuary, with its magnificent blend of thick forests, small rivers and rich flora across 862 square kilometers of area, is home to a plethora of wildlife. The forest fauna is a mixture of Eastern Himalayan broadleaf, evergreen and partly evergreen forests. Different varieties of bamboo trees flock the area. The major tourist attractions are the wildlife, birds and reptiles. The wildlife includes flying squirrel, yellow throated martin, wild dog, capped langur, jungle cat, Malayan Giant and hog deer amongst others. The sanctuary houses many rare bird species like hornbill, serpent eagle and peacock pheasant. Reptiles such as the cobra and the python also frequent the place.


Balukpong Fort:

The remains of the Balukpong Fort, a renowned archeological spot, immerse tourists in a legendary and historically significant past. The fort is situated by the Bharali River and the remnants constitute some stone bricks and blocks, a brick well and a pond. Historical ruins of Bana, King Bhaluka’s grandson, who is also one of the valiant personalities of Mahabharata, lie here. Tourists and lovers of history enjoy the primeval ambience of the place.   


Nameri National Park:

For those touring Balukpong, Nameri National Park is a must visit. Situated 21 kilometers away from Bhalukpong, this is in fact a tiger reserve that houses a range of wildlife species including mammals, birds and reptiles. Besides bird and animal watching, tourists can also get the pleasure of rafting in River Jia Bhoroli flowing across the south western periphery of the park.


Kaziranga National Park:

Located at the south-east of Bhalukpong, the Kaziranga National Park is the only park in India which is home to the one-horned rhinoceros. It is deemed as a UNESCO world heritage site.