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Top Attractions


Bandhavgarh Hill:

The highest hill the Bandhavgarh area, Bandhavgarh Hill boasts of an altitude of 807 m above the sea level. A collection of tiny hills, 32 in number, encompass the Bandhavgarh Hill. These minor hills together along with Bandhavgarh Hill form several low lying valleys and plains. The hill is created by the sandstones and the water seeping out from the hills is the source of many springs and streams in the area. The hill is a perfect example of the scenic natural beauty of the region and the pleasant cool climate of the hilly terrains establishes the hill as a hill station for tourists. The hilltop is completely flat but a few portions comprise of marshy land. While the downhill area is covered by a layer of green vegetation, the flora noticeably decreases uphill. The hilly areas form the natural habitat of several species of animals and plants. The region boasts of many exceptional species of plants. From the top of the hill, tourists are greeted with a panoramic view of the picturesque plains and valleys.


Bandhavgarh National Park:

The highlight of Bandhavgarh region, Bandhavgarh National Park covers an area of 450 sq. km. The park is made of thousands of species of flora and fauna. The hilly terrains of the park are home to several animal species like tigers, sambhars, chitals, langurs and Indian bison. The Bandhavgarh National Park boasts of the largest tiger population in India. The park is enclosed by dense foliage and has several caves with old shrines. The park is suitable for bird-watching.


Elephant Safari:

Adventurous tourists can indulge in an exciting elephant safari tour in the Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Visitors will be able to witness the beauty of nature from up close through this exclusive and exciting elephant safari. A complete view of the entire park region is possible from the back of a tamed elephant. The elephant safaris are organized by the tourist department. Tigers can sometimes be seen on elephant safaris in the early morning. A cushioned chair made of wood is placed on the back of the elephant to seat the tourist. Travelling through the undulating hilly terrains and getting a glimpse of the rare bird species, wild animals and uncommon flowers and plants is a rather thrilling experience for any traveler.


Bandhavgarh Fort:

Considered to be almost as old as 2000 years, the ancient fort at Bandhavgarh has been under the rule of several dynasties. The line of kings was in control of the region in which Bandhavgarh constituted a part. During the first century, the Maghas dynasty had control over the fort, following which the kings of Rewa were in power for more than twenty centuries. Legend suggests that the fort was built by Lord Rama during his time at Bandhavgarh while returning from Lanka. An old temple, located within the fort premises, is dedicated to Lord Laxmana. Both the temple and the fort now lie in ruins. Tourists still come here looking for archeological evidence and historic findings.