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Top Attractions


Bhandardara Lake:

Popularly known as Lake Arthur Hill, Bhandardara Lake was developed by the dammed-up waters of the River Pravara. An important tourist attraction, the lake is situated amidst the lush green forest. The site occupies a significant position in the religious history of India since this is considered to be the spot where Shri Agasti Rishi meditated at a stretch for a whole year. The 34 km long lake formed in the year 1910 serves as a reservoir for Wilson Dam. The lake is rather deep in some areas. Rivulets emanating from the lake rush down almost 45 m and form the Randha Falls. The falls are used for hydro-electric power generation.


Umbrella falls:  

This beautiful falls are a great picnic spot and is in full bloom during the monsoon. This spot is just below the Bhandardara Dam wall and offers captivating views of surroundings.


Randha Falls:

Situated in the Igatpuri area of the Shayadari Mountain Range, the Randha Falls happens to be a waterfall with a height of almost 45 m. The falls are located at a distance of almost 11 km from the Wilson Dam. The water of the falls is used for the generation of hydro-electric power. The Randha Falls is one of the most important tourist destinations in the region of Bhandardara. The roar of the Randha Falls disrupts the silence of the environment, 10 km down the Pravara River. The river drops down by almost 170 ft into a gullet creating this magnificent sight. The Randha Falls is supposed to be the third biggest waterfall in India. A dozen large beehives present behind the waterfall make for an interesting watch.


Ratangad Fort:

The Ratangad Fort in Bhandardara was under the control of Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji. He had captured the fort and it was one of his favourites. He is said to have spent most of his leisure period in this fort. Situated amidst the heart of nature, the fort has expansive grounds which are perfect for trekkers. The fort offers a gorgeous view. There are two caves at the top of the fort which are suitable for dwelling. There is a natural opening in the fort.



This rustic villageclose toBhandardara houses the famous Ratangad Fort and  Amruteshwar Temple. Visitng these places by a boat trip from Bhandardara Lake will be a great idea.


Amruteshwar Temple:

The village of Ratanwadi, located at the base of the ancient Ratangad Fort, boasts of the Amruteshwar Temple. This old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva dates back by almost 1000 years and is a shining example of ancient architecture. The interior of the temple consists of intricately carved sculptures.


Agasti Rishi Ashram:

Situated on the banks of the Pravara River, the Agasti Rishi Ashram is the legendary abode mentioned in the epic ‘Ramayana’. The hermitage draws several tourists with its beauty and peaceful environment.


Mt. Kalsubai:

The highest peak of the Shayadaris, Mt. Kalsubai with an altitude of 1,646 m was a tower to view the enemies during Maratha rule. A great place for trekking, the site has an old temple with a well. Legend states that the level of water in the well is never below 3 feet. The spot presents a panoramic view of Wilson Dam and Bhandardara Lake. A religious fair is hosted in October-November.


Agasti Rishi Ashram:

Located on banks of the Pravara river, this is a place with several legends and is deeply associated with the great Indian epic-Ramayana. It is believed as sage Agastya’s dwelling. Several tourists come here to get soaked in the calm and peaceful atmosphere.