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Top Attractions


Blackbuck National Park:

The Blackbuck National Park is at a distance of 2 hours drive from Bhavnagar. The key attraction here is the herds of antelopes that live in these unique grasslands. You can cite the Blackbuck and the Wolf among other wild species. This grassland is also the home of the rare Lesser Floricans, whose population is now dwindling rapidly in India. 


Palitana pilgrimage centre:

Considered as one of the most sacred places by the Jain Community, the Palitana temples is the world's largest Temple Complex. Located at the Shatrunjaya hills there are more than 3000 temples and 27,000 exquisitely carved idols located in the complex. The most important temple in the complex is dedicated to 1st Tirthankar (or Spiritual Master) Lord Adinath (Rishabdeva). The temple complex has been built by generations of Jain pilgrims over a period of 900 years, since 11th century. The high point of the pilgrimage for the devout is the bare foot climb to the top covering 3800 steps.

The most sacred time to visit this place is during February/March of every year which drawls a huge crowd of people visiting.


Takhteswar Temple:

The majestic Takhteshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was built in the 19th Century and is close to the main railway station of Bhavnagar. This temple is a great example of the skill and artistry of those times in the intricate work of pure marble. The temple also gives a great view of the city and the Gulf of Khamabat which is an inlet of the Arabian Sea. The temple was named after Maharaja Takhtasinhjii.


Akshar Temple:

This temple is also known as Akshawadi Swami Narayan Temple. This temple is relatively new and attracts visitors for its serene atmosphere and a palpable energy that it brings.


Victoria Park:

Victoria Park is a reserved forest about 3 kilometres outside the city. This park is special because it is the oldest manmade forest in India. This forest has very rare flora and fauna and is spread over 500 acres of land. This forest also is the home for rare birds such as waders and raptors. Its most popular section is its lakeside view where the clean fresh waters reflect the calm murmurs of nature.


Gaurishankar Lake:

Gaurishankar Lake is a reservoir that was planned originally for supplying water to the town. It is a quiet place with enjoy a picnic. The highlight of this place is the glorious sunsets over the lake. There is also a small aquarium for the kids and the historic Bhav Vilas Palace also lies on the shores of the lake.


Bhavnagar Lock Gate:

The most popular place in Bhavnagar is the Lock Gate. This gate is situated at the docks of the city built over 100 years ago and one of oldest dry dock of the country. The Docks allow sea water to flow in and the gates get locked once the water is in. Allowing the water level to rise, it keeps the ships afloat during low tides and is fully operational even now.


Khodiyar Mata:

The Khodiyar Mata temple is one of most revered temples in Gujarat. The legend of the goddess dates 700 AD and she is unique because her ‘vehicle’ is a crocodile symbolising her rule over both land and water.



This beautiful temple of Gangajaha was constructed in the year 1893 by the then Maharaja of Bhavnagar, Takhtsinghji. Interestingly, it is designed by an Englishman Sir John Griffits. The main deity of the temple is the goddess Ganga, the holy river that descends from the Himalayas. It’s most elegant architecture and glowing white marble work makes the temple look as serene and flowing as the river.


Barton Library:

The Batron Library has a rich heritage dating way back to the 1860’s. It has a collection of several rare books that dates back to several centuries. over the collection of books here is beyond 60,000 including many manuscripts in Sanskrit. Mahatama Gandhi was a regular reader of Barton Library. For bibliophiles this Library will be an exciting destination in their itinerary.


Gandhi Smriti:

Situated at the centre of the city, Gandhi Smiriti is a memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of modern India. This complex is attached to a clock tower and with tower bells on all sides, giving it a nostalgic feel. Among the interesting things to look for here is the small museum of quaint things, a hand spun textile outlet, and of course a pictorial testament to the life of Gandhi from his birth to death. There is also a well stocked library that could make for a satisfying browsing.



Mahua is a holiday getaway about 200 kms from Bhavnagar. It is often called the little Kashmir of Saurashtra. Its houses a pristine beach surrounded by lush coconut palms and is ideal for a lazy day watching the world go by. Mahua is also famed for its mango known by a variety called Jamedar. There is also a small village called Pingleshwar, very close to Mahua which is known to have a mysterious Shiv Ling that is under the sea.