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Top Attractions


Bhimeshwar Temple

Legend says that the Bhimeshwara Mahadev Temple was built by an old monk when Bhima (of Mahabharatha) visited the place in the 3rd Millenium BC.  The present temple with beautiful architecture was built in 17th century, is a majestic structure that stands on the side of a 40 feet high dam.


Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal’s fame mainly lies in this beautiful expanse of water where you can enjoy boating amidst serene atmosphere and picturesque landscape. This beautiful lake with an island in its centre is the chief tourism attraction here. The island offers a panoramic view of the surrounding greenery and is ideal for nature walks and bird watching. A huge Victorian dam nearby with terraced flower gardens is another attraction nearby.


Garg Parvat

This is a small hill ideal for short treks amidst scenic beauty. Garg Parvat is the source of river Gargi, so named after the great female sage from vedic times.


Nal Damyanti Tal

This is a small lake situated at about 2 km from Bhimtal. It is believed that kind Nala of the legend of Nala and Damyanti fame drowned here. This lake is therefore named after myth of Nala and Damyanti and is considered a sacred place by the locals.



Lake Sattal is located at about 5 km from Bhimtal. The name literally means seven lakes and this place is famous for the group of seven lakes. The lakes are placid and have stunningly clear water, making this a great place for those wishing to soak in nature’s ethereal beauty. The lake is surrounded by mountains and thick green forests adding to its beauty.


Vankhandi Ashram

This is a wild life sanctuary on a hill very close to the lake called Hidimba Parvat. It gets its name from demon Hidimba of Mahabharata. This sanctuary is named after Vankhandi Maharaj – the environmentalist.  For those who wish to spend some quiet time in meditation there is also the serene Vankhandi Ashram.


Sattal Mission Estate and Methodist Ashram

This Christian Ashram is situated on the banks of Sattal lakes was established by Stanley Jones who was a close friend of both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.


Folk Culture Museum

The Folk Culture Museum in Bhimtal houses a good collection of wooden artefacts, rock arts, stone implements, archaeological artefacts  and information on surrounding hill stations.