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Rasmancha is the oldest brick temple in Bishnupur and is a popular religious attraction in the city. Built by Malla King Bir Hambir in 1600, the temple has only one sanctum sanctorum.  Deities from the other temples are brought to Rasmancha in a procession on the occasion of the Rasa Festival. Rasmancha also houses big cannons of the Malla period making it an extremely popular historian attraction along with the spiritual quotient of the temple.


Jorbangla Temple:  

Built by King Raghunath Singha Dev II in the 17th century, the Jorbangla temple is a popular attraction in Binshnupur. The walls of the temple are adorned by classical Chala architectural style terracotta works while carved designs relive the ancient royal heritage of Bishnupur. Built using laterite bricks, the Jorbangla temple attracts pilgrims and art lovers alike and is one of the most popular landmarks of Bishnupur.


Lalji Temple:

Lalji temple devoted to Lord Krishna and his consort Radha is one of the ancient temples of Bishnupur. Built in 1658 by Bir Singha II of the Malla dynasty, Lalji temple is built on a raised square plinth studded with carvings. The temple has a laterite bricks on the outside and is also known as the eka ratna temple.


Madan Mohan Temple:

Built by Malla King Durjana Singh Dev in late 17th century, the Madan Mohan temple is arguably the oldest exciting temple of Bishnupur. The temple is built with curved corners with a flat square shaped roof with mythological stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata inscribed on the walls. The carvings of the Madan Mohan temple have magically retained their charm and beauty after so many years and the temple attracts a large number of pilgrims and tourists.


Radha Shyam Temple:

Radha Shyam temple also known as the Shyamrai temple devoted to Lord Krishna is one of the popular temples of Bishnupur. Built by King Chaitanya Singha in 1758the temple is built using the traditional terracotta architectural style with a dome shaped roof. The walls of the temple like most temples built by Malla kings have inscriptions depicting the tales of Vedas and puranas. The temple attracts a large number of tourists from across West Bengal.


Susunia Pahar:  

Susunia Pahar is one of the most popular getaways from Bishnupur.Located on a hilly terrain amid the plains, Susunia Pahar is situated at an altitude of 44 meters above sea level. Stone inscriptions of Chandravarma, a 4th century king were first discovered on the Susunia Pahar.