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Top Attractions


Bomdila Monastery:

Erected in the year 1965, the Bomdila Monastery was constructed by the 12th reincarnate of Tsona Gontse Rinpoche.The spot is the most popular tourist attraction in Bomdila. The monastery serves as a dwelling place for Buddhist lamas and monks. It is considered to be an exact replica of the Tsona Gontse Monastery, which is situated at Tsona in the south of Tibet. The monastery, popular as the Gentse Gaden Rabgyel Ling Monastery, belongs to the sect of Mahanaya Buddhism.


A large prayer hall was incorporated into the structure of the monastery by the 13th reincarnate of Tsona Gontse Rinpoche. The guardian spirit of the 14th Dalai Lama blessed the prayer hall in October of 1997. A beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Buddha is housed within the premises of the monastery, which serves as a major attraction to devotees.


Bomdila View Point:

A grand view of the entire West Kameng Valley is visible to tourists from the Bomdila View Point. The highest point of this site offers tourists the chance to enjoy a stunning view of the clouds accumulated on top of the Nechipu Pass.


Craft and Ethnographic Museum:

Situated opposite to the Lower Gompa, the Craft Centre and Ethnographic Museum is one of the most important attractions in the town of Bomdila. Tourists who take a trip to this centre can see a large variety of Buddhist tangkas, carpets and handicrafts together with masks constructed by the locals. Aside from these attractions, the centre is known for its quality dragon design carpets.


Apple Orchards:

The apple orchard is famous mainly because of its large trees bearing apple fruits. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Bomdila, especially during the winter season. The orchards are overladen with fruit during the winter time since nature happens to be at its peak during this season of the year.


Sessa Orchid Sanctuary:

Spread across a huge area of 100 sq. km, the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary is a renowned sanctuaries situated in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The sanctuary is home to more than 200 exotic species of orchids, out of which five are classified as endemic species. It houses several animals including the red panda, pheasant, crows and goral along with a few endangered animal species.


Upper Gompa:

The Upper Gompa is popularly known as the Gentse Gaden Rabgyel Ling Monastery. Situated atop a steep hill, this Gompa boasts of a school for monk kids, a hall devoted to prayer as well as a temple dedicated to Lord Buddha. The Gompa attracts hundreds of tourists every year by its portrayal of the different phases of life and the customs of Buddhism.


Middle Gompa:

The Middle Gompa is located at a distance of almost 2 km from the major market in Bomdila. This Gompa contains the Blue Medicine Buddha, the centre of focus of the prayers and meditations of healers. This is the oldest Gompas. Photography is prohibited inside all the Gompas.


Lower Gompa:

Located at the end of Bazaar Street, the Lower Gompa is centred right in the middle of the town. Tourists taking a trip to the Lower Gompa are astounded by the magnificent Tibetan architecture. A large prayer hall is present within the Gompa.


Orchid Research and Development Station:

Situated at Tipi, the Orchid Research and Development Station are on the banks of the Bharali River, flowing in the West Kameng district. Stretched across 112.8 acres, the site has about 425 species of orchids on display, out of which 20 are rare species. The entrance to this Orchidarium is wonderfully adorned with the title board depicting the ‘temple of orchids’. The purpose of establishing an Orchidarium was to conserve and preserve different orchid species in their natural habitat. Currently, the Orchidarium contains over 50,000 exotic orchids. Additionally, there is an Orchid Glass House within the premises which is one of the major draws of the region. Erected using fiber glass roof, this glass house was set up in the year 1972. Almost 1000 odd orchids are showcased here, with most of them hanging from pots or baskets.


R.R. Hill:

The highest point of the town of Bomdila, R.R. Hill is one of the grandest tourist attractions of the area. From this point, tourists are able to catch a glimpse of the road leading to the town of Tawang as well as another road which extends all the way to the Bhutan border.


Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary:

Located across the River Kameng, the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is an interesting site with some gorgeous views.


Tawang Town:

The tiny town of Tawang is situated to the north of Bomdila and the route offers tourists with gorgeous views of the Dirang valley and the noted Sela Pass. Tawang is present at an altitude of more than 3,400 m above sea level and is famous primarily for its Buddhist monastery, which dates back by more than 400 years. The origin of the Tawang monastery can be traced to the middle of the 17th century. Tawang is an important Buddhist center situated in the northeastern part of India.