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Top Attractions


Chail Palace:  

Chail Palace, constructed by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala in 1891 is a popular tourist attraction in Chail. The palace is located at an altitude of 2250 m and offers breathtaking view with a picturesque line of Pine and Deodar trees. The palace has now been converted into a hotel resort offering princely rooms with royal amenities including billiards room, restaurants and bar.


Chail Wildlife Sanctuary:

Chail wildlife Sanctuary located on nearly 11,000 hectares of land is one of the major tourist high points of Chail town. The sanctuary is home to the famous Himalayan black bear and houses many rare species of birds. Trekking excursions are available to explore the natural beauty of the Chail Wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is heaven for wildlife and nature lovers offering great sceneries amid dense forest cover with a lineup of pine trees, shrubs, deodar, oak and cedar trees.


Chail Cricket Ground:

Chail cricket ground has the distinction of being the world's highest cricket and polo ground. Built by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh who was an avid cricket fan, the Chail cricket ground is located at an altitude of 2144 meters above sea level. The ground offers a lush green outfield with a picturesque view of the surroundings covered by prince tine tall forest trees .


Kali ka Tibba:

Kali Ka Tibba is a famous temple devoted to the Hindu Goddess Kali. The ancient temple attracts a large number of religious tourists from across the world. Placed on a hilltop, the temple offers a beautiful view of the surrounding Shivalik Ranges and trekking excursions for the adventure tourists.


Sidh Baba Ka Mandir:  

Sidh Baba Ka Mandir is a popular tourist and religious hotspot in Chail town. Sidh Baba Ka Mandir is a temple constructed by erstwhile Maharaja of Patiala, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh after a saintly figure known as Sidh ordered him to do so after appearing in his dreams. The place initially marked as a palace ground was promptly developed into a temple dedicated to the nameless saint. The Sidh Baba Ka Mandir has a mystical ambience and is a popular picnic hotspot due to its natural beauty and calm clean surroundings.


Gurudwara Sahib:  

Gurudwara Sahib, constructed in 1907 on Pandhawa hillocks is a popular religious shrine of the Sikhs. The Gurudwara located at a distance of 1 km above the Chail Bazaar is built in ancient Goan architectural style with beautiful facades. The yellow colored Gurudwara building attracts a large number of tourists and devotees bowing their heads in prayer and service.


Maharaja's Palace:

The Maharaja's Place also knows as the Rajgarh palace is yet another palatial landmark of Chail. Built in the year 1891, the palace is loaded with impressive ancient furnishings and furniture. The palace attracts a large number of tourists to enjoy its vast gardens and surrounding dense forests add a touch of royalty to the ambience of the palace. The gardens of the palace have a dedicated children park while section of the ground is earmarked as lover’s hill making it a popular attraction for newly wedded couples.