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Top Attractions


Kandaswamy Temple:

Built by the famous Chola kings in the 11th century, the Kandaswamy Temple is a sacred shrine of Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga. It is located at George Town area of the city.  The temple is famous for its architectural brilliance, peaceful atmosphere and festivals like Parhuni and Skandasasthi.


Fort St. George:

Situated on the shores of the sprawling Bay of Bengal, Fort St. George was constructed in the 16th century by the British East India Company. The fort is considered as one of the first establishments of the British in the Indian subcontinent. Erected initially as a post for trading, it is a marvel of military architecture drawing loads of visitors from all over the country. St. Mary’s church located in the fort is a renowned known Anglican Church in India housing the oldest British tombstones. The Fort Museum here is also worth visiting.


Eliot’s Beach:

Situated towards the south of the Marina Beach at Besant Nagar, Eliot’s Beach is a calm and tranquil spot in the bustling city of Chennai. It is also famous as one of the cleanest beaches. Eliot’s beach is a favourite spot for young travellers as it has a vibrant night life.


Valluvar Kottam:

This site was built to pay homage to the famous Tamil poet and saint, Thiruvalluvar, who wrote the Tamil epic ‘Thirukkural’. The monument is designed in the shape of a temple chariot and is 101 feet tall. It houses a life like figure of the poet and the pillars are emblazoned with his verses. Its hall can accommodate up to 4000 people and houses several cultural events.


Santhome Cathedral Basilica:

Santhome Cathedral Basilica was constructed at the time of the Portuguese settlement in Chennai, ie during the 16the century. The church is built in a Neo-Gothic style and is a very calm place. The Cathedral museum depicting the medieval maritime history is also famous. It is a must visit for anyone who is interested in architecture, religion and history.


MGR Film City:

This sprawling 70 acres at Taramani, Chennai is managed by the Government of Tamil Nadu is a tribute to the former Chief Minister and popular film actor of Tamil Nadu- M G Ramachandran. The place is frequented with many travelers, especially movie lovers. It is a popular set for several South Indian films. The film city has several amazing shooting locations like replicas of villages, towns, shrines, offices, prison, courtroom, and many landscaped gardens. There is a film school, a Knowledge Park and a museum.


Adeeswar Temple:

This shrine dedicated to the first omniscient guru of Jainism- Adi Jain or Rishbhadev is also known as Polal Temple. It is located 9 kms from the heart of the city. It is a spiritual asylum to the city folks.


Parthasarathy Temple:

Located at Triplicane, this temple is dedicated Lord Krishna, the charioteer on Mahabharata. The temple has a prominent place in the history of Tamilnadu. It is also famous for its architectural beauty and several festivals.


Marina Beach:

Marina Beach is one of the famous beaches in India. It is located in just 3 kilometres from the heart of Chennai. The beach which extends about 13 kilometres is deemed to be the second largest beach in the world covering the entire portion of the area from St. George Fort to Mahabalipuram. The beach bustles with activities like beach cricket, pony rides, kite flying till late night. It is a great solace for the ctiy dwellers for beating the summer heat. The numerous food stalls, jogger’s track, aquariums, fountains etc makes it more attractive. Still the wide stretches have space for peace loving travelers like the lover’s spot. The beach is also dotted with many statues of famous Indian personalities.


Government Museum:

One of the oldest museums in the country, the Government Museum of Chennai was incepted during the colonial period. The major attractions of the museum are the Bronze Gallery, National Art Gallery, Amravathi Gallery and the Hindu Sculpture Gallery.


Senate House:

The Senate House of Chennai is situated at the campus of the University of Madras, close to the Marina Beach. The House was built under the supervision of one of the most famous architects of the 19th century, making it a true architectural marvel.


Thousand Lights Mosque:

This multi domed mosque is one of the largest in the country. It is located at Anna Salai and is visited by both Muslims and Non-Muslims.


Vadapalani Temple:

Lord Muruga is the chief diety of this temple. The temple has a number of other deities and demigods too. The construction of the temple dates back to 125 years and has now become a site of celebration renowned festivals like Panguni Utthiram and Skanda Sasthi.


Connemara Public Library:

This treasure trove of knowledge is a must visit for book lovers and history enthusiast. Connemara Public Library is one among the four ‘deposit libraries' in the country which means a copy of every Indian publication is entitled to them. The library has a rich collection of several rare books and is a UN depository centre.


National Art Gallery:

The National Art Gallery or Victoria Memorial Hall located Egmore houses a vast collection of Indian painting, especially the Rajput and Moghul schools. It is also famous for its collection of Indian handicrafts and bronzes that dates back to the11th and 12th centuries.


Ripon Building: 

This is the headquarters of Chennai Corporation and a blend of Gothic, Ironic and Corinthian style of architecture.


Vivekananda House:

This Victorian architecture built during the 18th century pays homage to the great spiritual leader- Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda had stayed here for six weeks in early ninetees. The rooms of the building are converted to a spiritual asylum. It is an ideal place for practising meditation.


Breezy Beach:  

Located at Valmiki Nagar, Chennai, Breezy Beach is a small and less crowded beach. It offers pleasant evenings away from the hustles of the city.   


Dash 'N Splash:

This amusement park located 30 km from Chennai city, is an exciting family entertainment zone with lots of water rides.


Shri Venkateshwara Temple:

Shri Venkateshwara Temple at Tirupati in Thirumalai. is a famous shrine of Lord Vishnu. It is on the seventh peak of Venkata Hills. The temple is busy through out the year with devotees all over the world come here to worship Lord Venkatachalapathi.


ISKCON Temple: 

Located at Thyagaray Nagar, Chennai, this temple is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. It is aperfect place of spirituality in the city. It also promotes several traditional South Indian arts and crafts.


Ashtalakshmi Temple:

This is a famous temple located at Besant Nagar. The temple is housed ina peaceful surroundings on the shores of Bay of Bengal. The temple architecture is unique with a modern blend and is different from other South Indian temples.



This famous cultural and commercial hub is located in the Southern part of Chennai. The place has many architecturally beautiful ancient shrines like the 7th century Kapileswara temple, San Thomas Basilica, Adikesava Perumal Temple, St.Thomas Mount and Ramakrishna Math.