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Top Attractions


Baba Budan Giri:

One of the most famous tourist attractions in the Chikmagalur region, Baba Budan Giri peak is situated only 28 km north from the city. The peak gained its name from the Muslim saint, Baba Budan. The peak is said to have some connection to Guru Dattareya, the Hindu God, making it equally significant for both Muslims and Hindus. Popularly called Dattagiri, Baba Budan peak is located at an altitude of 1895 m above sea level. Near this peak are present three caves which were once sanctified by three siddhas and now house their tombs and icons. Nature lovers will be greeted with the view of several species of birds at the site along with the breathtaking Manikvadhara waterfall. Visitors flock to the site to view the rare mountain flowers called “Kurinji” which bloom once in every 12 years.



Located in the scenic region of the Western Ghat in the state of Karnataka, Horanadu is an important tourist attraction in Chikmagalur. The highlight of Horanadu is the ancient temple dedicated to the Goddess Annapoorneshwaro. The temple which was once in ruins has now been restored and retitled as Adi Shaktyatmaka Shri Annapoorneshwari. The design of the temple is very unique. The image within the temple showcases the Goddess with four hands, holding the Chakra, Shankha, Gayatrimantra and Sri Chakta. Visitors can avail both food and lodging at the temple. The temple is present right in the midst of thick valleys and forests.


Kudremukh National Park:

This is one of the most essential tourist spots near Chikmagalur. Denoted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the national park provides visitors with many opportunities for sightseeing along with the chance to take part in outdoor activities due to the presence of historical shrines and rivers.



The tallest peak in the state of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri, is situated in the Baba Budan Hills. Located at a height of 1,930 m above sea level, Mullayanagiri is the highest peak between the Nilgiris and the Himalayas. The mountainous terrain is composed of rugged rocks and grasslands. A narrow path directs visitors to the temple of Lord Shiva situated on the peak. Adventure enthusiasts can look forward to road biking, mountain biking and trekking in the area.


Kalahatti Falls:

Located about 10 km from Kemmanagundi, the Kalahatti Falls, is a picturesque spot where water cascades down from 122 m high through the Chandra Drona Hill. The Veerabhaddreshwar Temple located here adds to the mystery of the place. This is an ideal spot to sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty around.



This is a beautiful hill station and one of the most preferred trekking spots around Chikmagalur. With the lush green forests of Baba Budangiri hills around, Kemmanagundi offers stunning views and beautiful sunset views.


Bhadra Wild Life Park:

This 492 of thick forest is home to several mammals, birds, and reptiles. Elephant watching, spotted deers and varieties of butterflies are the highlights of this area.



The famous Chennakesava Temple which was built in 1116 AD is located here. The temple with its ten thousand intricately carved sculptures depicts many stories from Hindu mythology. This temple is a must visit for all art and heritage lovers. It is accessible at about 30 minutes drive from Chikmagalur.



Located about 37 kms from Chikmagalur town, it is here where Adi Shankara, the founder of the Advaita philosophy, had his spiritual retreat. Loacted on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, amidst evergreen forests, the Vidyashankara Temple here is a stunning piece of architecture. It has 12 sculpted pillars, representing zodiac signs, and is placed in a way that the sun rays fall on each successively during different solar months.



There are several awesome waterfalls in and around Chikmagalur town. Travellers can go for a bike ride or a jeep ride to these places. Each falls offers you a totally different and refreshing experience. The lively cascades of Kallathigiri, the tranquil Hanumanagundi falls, the icy cold Hebbe falls expedition, the spectacular Kadambi falls each awaits you with different experiences. The Manikyadhara Falls in the midst of Baba Budan Hills, the Shanthi falls close to Kemman Gundi, Alekan falls at Kottigehara, Sirimane falls near to sringeri and the Chtnamane falls are few others to name.