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Top Attractions


Tamil Nadu Agriculture University:

This is a well-known South Asian research establishment. The Botanical garden within this university campus is the principal attraction for the tourists. Situated 5 km away from Coimbatore railway station, the agriculture university is well-linked to other means of transportation.  


Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary:

Alternatively known as the Anaimalai Sanctuary, it is a favorite place for wildlife buffs in and around Coimbatore. A component of the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve, this wildlife sanctuary is greatly acknowledged for its flourishing plant and animal life. The wildlife territory is home to varieties of animals like wild boars, civet cats, spotted deer, elephants, tigers and panthers. Exotic birds like Red Whiskered Bulbul, Spotted Dove, Black Headed Oriole, Tree Pie and Rocket-tailed Drongo also frequent the place. 


Forest College Museum:

The Forest College is one of the recognized academic centers of the Coimbatore region and imparts training to forest rangers. The museum of the college, housing plethora of pests, microorganisms, snakes, rocks and minerals and other endangered species of flora and fauna, greatly appeal to every traveler. The institute lies to the north of Coimbatore railway station.


Perur Patteeswara Swamy Temple:

This temple is located in the little village of Perur, around 6 kilometers from main Coimbatore city, by the bank of the river Noyyal. The major attractions of this consecrated shrine are the Golden Hall and the statuette of Natraja. The brilliance of Dravidian Architecture is explicit in the beautifully embellished pillars. The internal structure was constructed much earlier than the external mounting in the 17th century by the rulers of Madurai dynasty.


Marudhamalai Hill Temple:

The temple, commemorating Lord Shiva, is frequented by numerous devotees during the Tirukarthigai and Thai Poosam festivals. Built in the 12th century, Marudhamalai Hill Temple lays in a scenic landscape with many herbs, plants and trees set in a background of beautiful hills. Positioned 12 kilometers away from the city railway station on the Western Ghats, this temple is one of the major tourist attractions. 


Monkey Falls:

Widely recognized for its perpetual waterfall, the Monkey Falls lie on the main road connecting Coimbatore and Valparai via Pollachi about 65 kilometers away from main city. The rivulet bounded by luxuriant vegetation starts off from the Valparai Hills.  


Kovai Kutralam Falls:  

Located about 37 kilometers from Coimbatore city, the Kovai Kutralam is a magnificent water fall, with a picturesque view around. It is located in the middle of a dense forest. Few buses are vailable to this spot and also visitors are not allowed to go here after 5 pm.


Siruvani Falls and Dam:  

Located 37 kilometers west of Coimbatore city,  the Siruvani falls is yet another beautiful picnic spot.


Kovai Kondattam:

This is an exciting amusement park to enjoy a fun filled day with your family.  With many water rides and slides, open air theatre, magical fountain, spiral tower, pirate ship and more, the place is an ideal visit.  .


Black Thunder:

This water theme park is located in ooty Main Road, at Mettupalayam, close to Coimbatore city. Those who make a trip to Ootty are sure to stop here and enjoy exciting water rides.


Perur Siva Temple:  

Located at 6 kms from Coimbatore, this temple on the banks of the river Noyyal is dedicated to lord Siva. This is one of the oft visited temples by tourists in Coimbatore.


Marudhamalai Hill Temple:  

Situated at a height of 500 feet in the Western Ghats, this temple is an oft visited pilgrimage centre at Coimbatore. It is located 12 kms from Coimbatore city.  The hill surrounding the temple is very picturesque and grows several medicinal plants.