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Top Attractions


Sim’s Park: 

Sim's Park is a century old botanical garden, lying across a scenic mountain range. The park occupies 12 hectares of land across the base and slope of a ravine lying north of the railway station at Coonoor. The garden has a variety of trees, vines and shrubs procured from different parts of the world. The Handsome Ornamental plant, Rudraksha and Queensland Karry Pine are worth seeing. Sim’s park is a botanist’s den as it is the biggest storehouse for temperate plant species in India. A special attraction here is the fruit and vegetable exhibition held annually featuring a range of exotic varieties.   


Silk Rearing Station:

One of the leading establishments for silk rearing and associated research, the Silk Rearing Station is frequented by sericulture specialists from all over the world. The institute, supported by Central Silk Board is the seat for exhaustive research activities.   


Droog Fortress:

This fortress is situated around 17 kilometers from Coonoor over a peak that has an altitude of 2,000 meters. It provides a wonderful view of the plains beneath. The Droog Fortress can be accessed by trekking only. It is locally known as Bakasura Malai drawing on the episode from the epic Mahabharata where Bheema, one of the Pandavas, defeated the ravenous demon Bakasura. Droog Fortress can be reached by means of a downhill walk of around 4 kilometers from the side of the Nonsuch Estate. Although much of the fortress has decayed with the passage of time, history reveals that at the time of Tipu Sultan's rule, the Droog Fortress was an outpost.


Dolphin’s Nose:

A prominent tourist destination in Coonoor, Dolphin's Nose derives its name from a rock whose shape is like the nose of a dolphin. It is situated 12 kilometers away from the heart of Coonoor. The Dolphin’s Nose offers an enchanting view of the Catherine Falls as well as the confluence of the Coonoor River and a rivulet from Kotagiri. Surrounding the region there are dense woodland valleys enveloped in absolute greenery. 


St. Catherine Falls:

This is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the border area of Coonoor adorned by a water stream descending from a height of around 250 feet. The entire path of the waterfall can be traced from the peak of Dolphin's Nose, driving ahead on a road leading to the origin of St. Catherine Falls. From this position, one can have a breathtaking view of the waterfall gushing down generating a puddle of water below.  


Pomological Station:

It is one of the renowned research establishments of India. Reasearch on various fruits like pomegranates, plums, apricots, persinments, lemons, peaches and apples are carried out here. The research station is one among the three research based fruit gardens located amidst the Nilgiri hills, maintained by the Department of Horticulture. It is positioned in between Kallar and Burliar on the Ghat Road linking Mettupalayam and Coonoor. The extra fruits and prepared jams are put up for sale on the roads adjacent to the station.



Kotagiri is a picturesque village full of tea plantations in Coonor area. There are many beautiful picnic spots in near Kotagiri, like the Rangaswami Rock, St Catherine Falls, and Elk Falls. The Kodanad Viewpoint in this area offers an exceptional view of the Nilgiris and the near by Moyar River.


Wellington Golf Course:

The Wellington Golf Course around the Willington Cantonment, Coonor is a popular picnic spot. Located in the middle of an exotic landscape, the golfing here is a great experience.


Lamb's Rock:  

This is another popular picnic spot near Coonoor close to Dolphin's Nose. This rock on a jagged cliff drops down to a lush jungle at several hundred feets down. It is named after Captain Lamb who opened this spot to public putting great effort. The Hulical ravine, and Coonoor stream about 5000 feet below are a must watch from here. It also provides a great view of the Coimbatore plains.


Hidden Valley:  

This beautiful valley close to Coonoor is accessible only by trekking.  This is an oft visited spot simply because of its green, lush landscape and breathtaking mountain views. The trekking experience to this spot is fabulous.