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Top Attractions


There are plenty of wonderful natural spots and wonders to enjoy here. Nine beautiful natural waterfalls deserve first mention however there are beautiful temples too.


Karayar Dam & Falls, Papanasam:

Karayar Dam is located at the close proximity to Courtalam. Here you can get to see Papanasam. It’s a wonderful place for its scenic beauty and here you can enjoy natural bathing round the clock. The waterfall is located in the midst of the dam, which can be reached via 15-min boating from the bank of the dam.


Kutraleeshwarar Temple:

Located at close proximity to Kuttraleeshwarar fall, Lord Kuttraleeshwarar temple is located. This temple is known as one of the most sacred places in Courtalam. Locales come here to take bath as well as to offer their prayer to Lord Kuttraleeshwarar.


Chitra Sabha:

This is one of auspicious places in Courtalam, which is believed as one of the five sabhas with Nataraja, Shiva in the dancing posture.  There are some paintings at the Chitra Sabha which were almost 100 year old. The most famous paintings are Rathna Sabha at Thiruvalangadu, the Velli Sabha at Madurai the Thamira Sabha at Tirunelveli, and the Kanaka Sabha at Chidambaram. There is a temple at the foot of the hill; it is conch-shaped and hold special significance for Hindu devotees.


Nine Falls:

Courtalam is famous for nine falls.



This is the biggest falls in Courtalam, and it is almost 60m high. The flow of water is broken up by a 19-m deep crater named as Pongumakadal; due to this crater the flow speed gets reduced and that makes a safe bath. The snake park near to this falls and the nearby aquarium are good places to visit if you are coming with kids.



Sittraruvi means "Small Fall" and in Courtalam it is the second outcome of the main water fall located to its right side. It is small in size and it is extremely safe to enjoy a shower here.



Tourist can reach shenbagadevi by trekking for around 30 minutes. During monsoon the entry to the area of this falls remains restricted so is during peak season because of the chance of flash flood.



This is also named as Honey falls. Located above Shenbagadevi the waterfall Thenaruvi is located; it is known as "Honey Falls". This is the first cascade in a series of waterfalls, and considered the most pure. Surprisingly, it is least crowded, as tourists have to trek around 2 hours to reach at the spot. The Therkumalai estate which can be reached in an hour’s drive from Honey falls is good place to visit.



Aintharuvi or Five falls is the most famed waterfalls in Courtalam. It is located 6km above the main falls. The main stream of water gets split here into five branches while falling down, so it‘s named as"Five falls" It is a very scenic spot.


Tiger falls:

Also known as Puli Aruvi, this beautiful waterfall is located between Old Courtalam and Main falls. This falls is positioned into the territory of a privet property; people have to pay for bathing in this natural beautiful false.


The above mentioned are the main. Others are Pazhathotta Aruvi is also known as 'VIP falls' and the Old Courtallam falls or Pazhaya Courtalla Aruvi. The boat houses near Old Courtallam falls is a good picnic spot to visit. There is also a small fall inside the Government Horticulture Park higher than Five Falls which is not in the access of common visitors.


Temples in Courtalam:

Like waterfalls temples of this place are the great attractions. Some of the most notable temples of Courtalam are

  • Thirukutraalanaadhar Kovil is located near to Main falls.
  • Dhakshinamoorthy Kovil is located in Puliyarai,which is 12 km away from Kutraalam.
  • Kumaran Kovil is in Ilanji, away from 1 km distance from Kutraalam.
  • Kasivishuwanathar Kovil is situated in Tenkasiwhich is 6 km away from Kutraalam.
  • Ariyankavu Iyappan Koviltemple is located in Kerala, and located at 35 km distance from Kutraalam.
  • Thirumalai Kovil  is located in Panpoli, which is 8 km away from Kutraalam.