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Top Attractions


Surkanda Devi Temple:

Surkanda Devi Temple is one of the most well known religious attractions in Dhanaulti. Located at a distance of 8 kms from Dhanaulti city center, the temple is located at a height of about 10,000 feet. Part of the Devi Darshan triangle of Chandrabadni and Kunjapur shrines, the Surkanda Devi temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati offers panoramic view of the Garhwal region attracting tourists and pilgrims all through the year.


Eco Park: 

Dhanaulti Eco Park developed by the Forest officer office of the city is one of the latest tourist attractions in the region. The twin eco parks located in Amber and Dhara region houses magnificent Deodar trees that are protected as a green forest cover offer great attractions for nature lovers. A nominal entrance fee is charged for visiting the Eco Park.


Camp Thangdhar:

Camp Thangdhar is a popular adventure camp facility attracting a large number of tourists in Dhanaulti. Developed especially for the tourists who are interested in mountain adventure, the camp is located at an altitude of 8300 feet amid dense pine and deodar trees. The camp offers a wide range of adventure sports activities including Trekking, golf, mountain biking, rock climbing, and snow camping. Tents offer good accommodation facility for camping trails while a wide variety of foods are available catering to a wide section of tourist’s culinary tastes.


Deogarh Fort:

Deogarh Fort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Deogarh. Built in the 16th century near Pratapgarh, the fort is a part of the 52 forts of Uttrakahnd state that have been awarded a heritage status showcasing the architectural brilliance of old kingdoms of Garhwal and Himachal.


Dashavatar Temple:

Dashavtra temple dedicated to 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu is one of the ancient religious temples in Dhanaulti. Built during the Gupta Empire, the temple also known as Panchyatan temple has carved panels depicting vaishnava mythology. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims and historians alike to witness the spiritual quotient and architectural brilliance of the temple.


Barehipani and Joranda Falls:  

Barehipani and Joranda are twin waterfalls located near Dhanaulti attracting a large number of tourists. Located within the vicinity of the Simlipal national park, the waterfalls act as an ideal picnic hotspot for locals and as a prefect getaway for couples and honeymooners.


Matatila Dam:

This is a popular picnic spot close to Dhanaulti. It offers a picturesque landscape for relaxing and ample opportunities for water sports.


Jain Temples:

There are several small and beautifully located jIan temples in Dhanaulti that dates back to the 6th century. The temples are worth visiting for their architectural style, sculptures and art works.