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Top Attractions


Ellora Caves:

The famous Ellora caves situated in the foothills of Chamadari hills at a distance of 30 kms from Aurangabad city is a popular tourist attraction. The caves founded in the period between 5th and 10th century has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site due to its brilliant ancient rock-cut architecture. An archetype of 34 different caves, the Ellora Caves expand across various religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The Ellora Caves have a total of twelve Buddhist Caves (numbered 1 to 12), seventeen Hindu Caves (numbered 13 to 29) and five Jain Caves (numbered 30 to 34). Ellora Festival of classical dance and music is held every year in March attracting a vast range of tourists and artists from across the globe.


Buddhist Caves:

Buddhist caves are part of the magnificent Ellora caves ranging from cave number 1 to 12. While Caves 1 to 5 were excavated between 400 AD and 600 AD, the remaining caves came into prominence between mid 7th and mid 8th centuries. The caves have been the founding place of a number of Buddhist shrines with monasteries carved with paintings and sculptures of Buddha, Bodhisattva and Saints. Out of the 12 caves, Cave 10 known as the ‘Carpenter's Cave’ is one of the most significant and religious cave for the tourists as well as Buddhist monks and scholars. The cave is built on the idea of a Chaitya hall having a mesmerizing 15-feet high statue of Buddha, seated in a preaching pose. The main hall of the cave has 28 octagonal columns and is a case in point for architectural and spiritual wisdom of the ancient era.


Kaliash Temple:  

Kailash temple located in the cave number 16 of the Eloora caves is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Ellora. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Kailasha temple is the largest rock-cut temple in the world made out of approximately 3 million cubic feet of rock. The temple has a large shivlinga in the centre that is carved from living stone. The temple houses two main structures including the central temple and the Nandi Mandap which is carved to look like life-sized elephants are holding the structure. The shrine has carvings depicting both Vaishnavites and Shaivite followers of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva respectively.


Hindu Caves:

The summation of Ellora caves from cave number 14 to cave number 29 is often referred to as Hindu caves. While the caves 14 to 16 were built during the Rashtrakuta period, caves 17 to 29 are more ancient and were originally constructed in the ancient Kalachuri period. The Hindu caves house various different structures and carvings of various Gods and Goddesses depicting mythological stories and Vedic tales. The cave 15 known as the Dashavtara cave is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and houses jaw dropping sculptures of all the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Hindu caves attract a large number of historians, tourists and artists all through the year.


Jain Caves:

Ellora hosts a total of five Jain caves ranging from cave number 30 to cave number 34 that attract a large number of visitors and Jain pilgrims.  The Jain Caves belonging to the Digambara sect. of Jainism trace their history to 9th and 10th century. Out of the four caves, the The double storied Indra Sabha caves and the Jagannath Sabha cave attract a large number of historians and art lovers for their monolithic architecture and graceful of beautiful carvings including the famous Yakshi of Neminath, seated on her lion under a mango tree pictorial.


Vishwakarma Caves:  

Cave number 10 of the magnificent Ellora caves also known as the Vishwakarma caves is one of the high points of Ellora. A chaitya griha amid the Buddhist set of caves, the Vishwakarma cave is said to have been constructed in 700 AD with pillared porticos and chambers. A gigantic 3.30 meters high seated Buddha carvings in vyakhyana mudra or the (teaching pose is the highlight of the Vishwakarma caves making it one of the most beautiful ancient caves to have been discovered across the globe.