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Top Attractions


Wild Life:

You can spot several animals like elephants, Nilgiri tahr and lion tailed macaque in Gavi. Gavi is home to more than 260 species of birds including the great pied hornbill, woodpecker, and kingfishers.


Set out for a tour round the places, accompanied by a local guide. If you are adventurous try out outdoor camping and night safari options which Gavi alone offers in the country. Eco lodges are available overlooking Gavi Lake and the nearby forest lands. Tree top houses are great options to enjoy a fine view of wildlife. 


It has to be noted that you have to get entry passes from the Forest Check Post at Vallakkadavu. It is also required to book in advance with the Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd for entering Gavi through Vandiperiyar.  



The eco tourism of Gavi is unique and famous especially due to the active involvement of tribals. There is a bevy of exciting eco tourist activities in Gavi like nature walks, elephant rides, trekking, canoeing, plantation visits, following wild life trails and bird watching. A unique experience of Gavi is the night-camp in forest tents and tree top huts. Say good bye to all the stress of city life. Just take a leisurely stroll along the spice gardens and the forests to get relaxed in perfect communion with nature.  


Places around Gavi:

A short trek from Gavi will take you to Sabarimala Temple, which is one of the top-visited shrines in India. Exciting nature walks to Ninnumulli is another top attraction for nature lovers in Gavi.

A visit to a cardamom factory around Gavi will be helpful to source first-hand information of the processing of cardamoms. You can also buy cardamom from here at lesser price.

Treks to the near by places like Meenar, Chenthamara Kokka and Valley View that gives a great view of deep ravines and vast expanses of forest below. Other places of interest near Gavi are Kuttikanam, Peermedu and Vandiperiyar, all offering endless stretches of greenness. Outdoor camping and night safaris are being organised to Pullumedu, Kochu Pampa, Kullar, Pachakanam and Anathodu. Leisurely boating through Gavi and Kochu Pampa lakes are another exotic experience Gavi offers.


Adventure in Gavi:

Adventure in Gavi is not just restricted to trekking. Gavi offers the best trekking trails in the state. For the more adventurous, there are night stay options at tree top huts and night jungle safaris.