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Top Attractions


Kudle Beach:

This 2 km long crescent-shaped beach that hugs a wide cove is just 6 kms from Gokarna town. Kudle Beach is the one closest to the town. Taking a lazy walk from the town to Kudle Beach will be enthralling as it soothes you with many sights and sounds around.  At Kudle beach you can see people indulging in yoga and martial arts if it is morning. If your visit is scheduled to evening you can simply enjoy a variety of entertainments including music and dance. There is a western flavour to the entertainments here.


Om Beach:

Om Beach is not just another, but one of the most popular one in Gokarna and is named after its shape. It is located about 5 kms from the town centre. Om beach offers many enjoyment opportunities like parasailing, water skiing, banana boat cruise, kayaking and surfing. A boat ride up in the nearby river to the far off small church is also interesting. There are numerous cafes lined up on Om beach ensuring that great food and chilled beer are just an arm’s length away.


Paradise Beach:

This is a secluded beach in Gokarna lined with huge, rugged cliffs. Paradise beach is actually hidden among the cliffs. If you would like to spent some quiet moments with your loved one or just love to enjoy solitude, this is the best place. But the only access to the beach is by a 5 km trekking or by boating.


Half Moon beach: 

This is also a less crowded beach lined with rugged cliffs, secluded coves and islets. Half Moon beach is separated from Om Beach by a huge cliff. So adventure lovers can access the beach by trekking. There are many hotels around the place. The beach hut accommodation here is very interesting. You can rent a small thatched hut on this beach to enjoy candle light dinner and sea food while getting soaked in a panoramic view. This will get engraved in your memory for a lifetime.Water sports are absent here but anyone can indulge in volleyball, canoe trips, camping etc


Mahabaleshwara Temple: 

This famous Siva temple in Gokarna is located on the main street, at the western end. At the first sight, the temple may not be very impressive, but the grand gopuram, aesthetic halls and pillars are remarkable. The sanctuary here houses a stone linga (symbolizing Lord Siva), encased in brass and placed over a coiled stone serpent.


Tamra Gauri Temple: 

This is another must visit temple in Gokarna. There is a six feet tall idol of Lord Siva here, which is open to public only once in four decades.



Yana is a picturesque village in Western Ghats located 54 kms from Gokarna amidst ever green forest. It is also a renowned pilgrim center with many temples.  The imposing hills and mountains here with ample waterfalls are a treat to your eyes.

Yana is a must visit for adventure lovers, especially if you love hiking and trekking. Treks to Yana require immense courage, especially due to the unique rock patterns the place has. 



Kumta is a small sea coast town 20 kms from Gokarna. It was a major commercial hub during the colonial days. The place is famous for its temples, pristine beach and a fort.