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Top Attractions



Taptapani meaning the hot water is a popular tourist attraction in Goplapur. Famous for its hot water springs; Taptapani is located at a distance of 67 Kms from Gopalpur city center near Berhamput village. The hot water Sulphur springs are famous for curing many skin ailments and attract a large number of tourists. The springs located amid surreal natural beauty and wonderful landscapes make for the perfect holiday getaway.



Dhavaleshwar is a perfect holiday destination in Gopalpur attracting large number of tourists and pilgrims alike. Located on a wonderful island in the Mahanadi River, Dhavaleshwar is famous for its natural beauty and landscape as well as for an ancient Shiva temple located on a hill top. The temple has a museum attached to it showcasing many rare artifacts and relics dating back to the 12th century making Dhavaleshwar an art lovers delight.


Old Jetty:

Old Jetty of Gopalpur is an ancient ruin of an erstwhile bustling port of Orissa. The ruins of the old Jetty date back to the medieval period showcasing the ancient architecture and commercial activity of Gopalpur town in the bygone era. Gopalpur Jetty attracts a large number of historians, art lovers and tourists alike and is one of the most famous landmarks of modern day Gopalpur.


Goplapur Lighthouse:

Gopalpur lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks of modern day Gopalpur attracting a large number of tourists. Although ruined, the Lighthouse of Gopalpur underlines the ancient sea port of Gopalpur as a hotbed of commercial activity navigating ships to the old Jetty or the acclaimed Gopalpur Port. Climbing on top of the lighthouse gives a panoramic view of the town making it a breathtaking experience for the tourists and histroy lovers.



Pati-Sonapur is a virgin isolated beach and one of the most exquisite beaches on the eastern coast of India. Located at a distance of 35 Kms from Gopalpur, the Pati-Sonapur beach connects West Bengal with Tamil Nadu. The beach is a hidden gem and offers a perfect beach experience for the tourists.


Chilka Lake:  

Chilka Lake situated at a distance of 45 km from Gopalpur is a famous tourist hotspot attracting a large number of tourists all through the year. Spreading over an area of 1100 sq km, Chilka Lake is the largest brackish water lake in the country and attracts large number of migratory birds.