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Top Attractions


Gorkha Bazaar:

Gorkha Bazaar a popular tourist center and a cobbled street market place attracting tourists and traders from nearby towns. The Gorkha Bazaar offers tourists a chance to mingle with the local population and shopping to handicrafts and souvenirs while enjoying the quietness of an old village charm and shopping amid nature with peaceful mountain and valleys surrounding the marketplace.


Gorkha Durbar:

Gorkha Durbar, a historical palace situated on the top of a hill is one of the most well known landmarks of Gorka town. The palace which is an hour's trek from the local bus station attracts a large number of tourists and visitors. The palace is also famous for the Goddess Gorakhkali which is located on the western border of the main palace. The Gorkha Durbar offers a picturesque view of the whole township making it a best location for watching a panoramic view of the town.


Gorakhnath Cave:

Gorakhnath Cave is one of the best known tourist hotspot of Gorka town and is a popular religious site for mainstream Brahmins and Chhetris of Nepal. Carved out of the solid rock, the Gorakhnath caves is said to be the meditation stop of ancient seer Goraknath who is also considered as a manifestation of Lord Shiva.



Upallokot is one of the most picturesque places in Gorka town offer breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks and a photographer’s delight. situated at a 20 minutes walking distance from Gorkha palace, Upallokot is located at an altitude of 1520 meters above sea level and allows for magnificent views of the natural beauty of Gorakh town and its surrounding hills and snow capped mountains.


Manakamana: The holy temple of Manakamana is one of the most religious Hindu shrines of Nepal. Located at a 4 hour's trek from Anbu Khaireni on the Kathmandu Pokhara highway, Manakamana temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is considered to be one of the most elite Hindu temples in the world.


Gorkha Palace:

The Gorkha Palace located on top of a hill is a must visit in Gorkha. It is an exciting experience to climb the palace steps which is about 1700. It takes almost two hours climb to reach the top. If you are tired in bit take rest enjoying the beautiful landscape around.  On the top you can enjoy the views of the Himalayan ranges including Manaslu and Himalchuli Mountains, and spectacular views of the valleys.