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Guruvayurappan temple:

Sri Guruvayurappan temple or Sree Krishna Temple, Guruvayur is a famous South Indian temple. Dedicated to Bal Krishna, this temple is an excellent example of Kerala temple architecture. The idol of Sri Krishna here is endowed with four arms carrying conch, sudarsana chakra, mace and lotus. Every day the temple experiences huge crowds of devotees. The sanctum is decorated with Kerala style mural paintings depicting Krishna leela (the childhood of Sree Krishna). The deepasthambhams (lights) as tall as 25 feet too are off special interest. The doors, roof and the artefacts of the inner sanctum are covered with gold. The daily temple procession (Shiveli) with elephants carrying Sree Krishna idol is an awe inspiring sight. There are free meals twice a day for devotees. Several festivals and auspicious days like Ekadasi (the 11th day of lunar fortnights) are celebrated here with great pomp as thousands of devotes visit the temple. Chembai



This is the grand music festival held annually at Guruvayur as homage to the legendary musician Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar. This 15 day long festival will be enriched with more than 2000 musicians from different parts of India. Punnathurkotta- This former palace and fort located near Guruvayur town is now turned to a sprawling elaphant camp and training school. The elephants of the temple dewaswom, numbering more than 65, are fed in this 10 acred camp. Locally known as Anakkotta (Elephant Fort), this is the largest elephant sanctuary in the country. Most of these elephants are offerings by devotees and are used for several temple processions. There are several interesting rituals here like aanayottam (elephant race), aanayoottu (elephant feeding) which attracts thousands of visitors to Guruvayur.


Visiting time: 08:00 am to 5.30 PM.


Mammiyoor Temple:

Located close to Guruvayur Temple, Mammiyoor is one among the three temples around Guruvayur. The main diety here is Lord Siva. Institute of Mural Painting: The institute of Mural Painting, established in the year 1989 is focussed on the revival of the traditional Kerala mural art. The institute offers five year diploma course in mural painting and conducts several exhibitions arranges and seminars on mural art. Chamundeswari Temple: Closely located to Guruvayur temple, this temple dedicated to Lord Durga as Sri Chamundeswari is one of the famous three temples of this temple town. The temple is located in the heart of the town, but still premises is very calm and serene, reverberating with a mystic aura.


Venkatachalapathy Temple:

Located close to Parthsarathy temple in Guruvayur, this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu as Lord Venkatachalapathy. The location of this small temple amidst lush greenery and rustic environment makes it more attractive. Harikanyaka Temple: Located at Ariyanoor, close to Guruvayur, this small ancient temple is believed to have carved by Perumthachan, a legendary carpenter of Kerala. Maintained by Archaeological Survey of India, a trip to Guruvayur is incomplete without visiting Harikanyaka Temple.