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Top Attractions


Radhanagar Beach:

Popularly known as Beach No. 7, Radhanagar is a magnificent beach 5 km away from Havelock Island and is considered to be one of the best beaches in Asia. The beach is connected to Havelock via roadway. Tourists are enchanted by the dense and shady forests on the beach, set against a backdrop of silky white sand and inviting turquoise waters. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful. The Radhanagar Beach is the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts, since it offers opportunities for snorkeling. The waters here boast of splendid its coral reefs. Visitors can admire the sunset while enjoying a ride on the back of an elephant. Few food shacks are present near the entrance to the beach.


Kalapathar Beach:

Located at one end of Havelock Island, the Kalapathar Beach is accessible via the road that runs between Beach No. 3 and Beach No. 5. The beach gets its name from the neighbouring village of Kalapathar as well as the black rocks that border the coastline. The beach is perfect for relaxation with tropical forest and emerald seas on one side of the road and the smooth silver sands on the other side. An elephant training camp is situated close to the beach and is open to visitors at times.


Vijay Nagar Beach:

The beautiful Vijay Nagar Beach, located at a distance of almost 4.5 km from Havelock Island, happens to be the perfect place for relaxation and enjoying a long walk along the shore of the sea. The calm and pleasant weather makes it suitable for swimming.


Elephant Beach:

One of the best beaches in Havelock Island, the Elephant Beach is renowned for its beautiful coral reefs. The beach is easily accessible on foot from Beach No. 7 or by fishing boats from the eastern end of Havelock Island. Several resorts in the area provide diving and snorkeling trips. Most of the shoreline of the beach was swept away by the tsunami and now it is a fraction of the original. Dolphins can also be spotted from this beach.


Govind Nagar Beach:

Govind Nagar is considered to be the main “town” in Havelock Island. It is a small area with a handful of roadside eateries and shops. An ATM recently opened close to the marketplace.


Inglis Islands:

This is a beautiful deserted island near Havelok, a stop in between your boating trips between the islands. The island is covered with pristine rainforest and surrounded by beautiful pristine beaches and coral reefs. It is a great idea to explore the islands by walks but beware of snakes.