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Top Attractions


Ita Fort

Ita Fort built around the 14-15th century is the chief tourist attraction in Itanagar. Its unique feature is its brick work consisting of over 8 million bricks, 45 cubic meters of stones, 16,200 cubic metre lengths and is known to have been made by 45000 man days. The fort was built under the rule of Ahom Dynasty and is centrally located in the middle of Papum Pare district in Itanagar.  Incidentally the city derives its name from this fort.


Buddhist Temple

The Itanagar Buddhist temple is one of the newer temples of India. Located at a height on a hill-top it has a yellow-roofed shrine and a stupa in its front. The serene image of Buddha meditating at the temple brings a magical inner quietening and an inner silence that seem to ever present in the main hall. The surroundings of the shrine adorned with green forests and daunting mountains are stunning.


Jawaharlal Nehru Museum

The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum is a must visit for those interested in the history of this ancient place. It is located in the Papum Pare District and takes you back in time with its extensive ethnographic collection of local tribes, the elements that represented their civilisation, their lives, musical instruments, tribal arts, handicrafts and wood carvings. It houses objects that found during the archaeological expeditions at Ita Fort and other locations in the State. This museum also has a very unique collection of mountaineering expedition gear donated by Tapi Mra - the first person from the state to scale Mt. Everest. The Museum Library has a very interesting collection and the patient visitor may find quite a few gems in them.


The Ganga Lake (Gyakar Sinyi)

The Ganga Lake situated in the middle of lush mountains, vegetations and orchid masses offer an enchanted surreal vibe. It is a great place to visit, just to experience the epitome of natural beauty and the masterwork of the creative force of the universe. For those who like some activity, Ganga Lake has facilities for boating and swimming.


The Polo Park

Polo Park is a small botanical garden on a hillock in Naharlagun at Papum Pare District. What attracts most visitors to this place is the vast stretch of masswa of bushes of the cane thicket which looks like a palm with spines on its stems  



Bomdila near Itanagar is for those who seek the thrill of the mountains and who would like to indulge in trekking. The Bomdila-Tawang area is a great choice for trekking with the more challenging trek closer to Tawang Chu. The trek route passes through a lush and alive jungle ornamented with magnificent waterfalls.


Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a major tourist attraction of the place and is a sprawling green zone.  The place attracts several biologists and tourists from different parts of the world with its perfect balance of eco system, being home to a variety of plants, animals and birds.  Rare species of antelopes, Himalayan musk deer, red panda, serows, gorals, wild gaurs and more than 400 bird species are found here.


Namdhapa Park

A visit to this place is worth to spot snow leopards, Himalayan black bear and Red Panda. The park provides complete family entertainment.



Ziro is a beautiful township perched on a 5,000 ft high plateau. Natural beauty and a bird's eye view of the surrounding Taley Valley together make it an attractive destination. The atmosphere here is very soothing and serene. It is also an excellent trekking spot.



The Orchidarium (House of Orchids) at Tipi is quiet famous. The snow-clad peaks and valleys here have more than 400 species of orchids. Orchids are preserved here in glass houses.



This small unexplored hill station close to Itanagar is on the banks of Tenga River. The beauty of Rupa and Tenga is awesome and ideal for an early morning or evening drive or walk. The nearby tribal village of Shertukpen is also attraction.