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Top Attractions


Raghunath Mandir:

This renowned sacred shrine situated in Jammu was initiated by Maharaja Gulab Singh who established the empire of Jammu and Kashmir. The Raghunath Mandir was the prime religious shrine for the imperial family of Dogra. Located in a temple complex consisting seven historical shrines and a tower, the Raghunath Temple stands top among the much visited shrines of Jammu. This temple is unique especially due to its Mughal architectural style and gold plated interiors. Built in the honor of Lord Rama, the temple houses several porches dedicated to a number of deities related to Ramayana. Numerous holy inscriptions and statuettes of gods and goddesses adorn the place. The temple houses a Sanskrit Library containing an exceptional compilation of antique books and manuscripts.


Bahu Fort:

Originally constructed 3000 years back by Raja Bahulochan, the Bahu Fort was afterwards revived by the Dogra rulers towards the 19th century. The fort, positioned on top of a flat terrain lying abreast Tawi River, is bounded by a beautiful garden called Bhave ki Bahu. From this garden, tourists can enjoy a comprehensive view of entire Jammu. The fort bounded by solid granite stockades has eight octagonal turrets which were inhabited by guards. A noteworthy attraction within the fort is Bahu Temple, commemorating goddess Kali.


Mubarak Mandi Palace:

This palace dating back to 150 years used to be the imperial dwelling of the former Dogra Kings. This magnificent artifact manifests a brilliant combination of European, Rajasthani, Mughal and Baroque architectural styles. The most outstanding portion of the palace is the Sheesh Mahal which houses the Dogra art museum comprising highly treasured paintings. The complex garlanding a fine-looking garden, a marvelous courtyard, beautifully embellished porches and halls was once the center for many a royal celebration and public proceedings. At present the entire site is designated as a historically and archaeologically important monument and houses numerous government courts and offices.


Mansar Lake:

Mansar Lake, bounded by forest enveloped hills is a popular scenic attraction of Jammu. By the eastern side of the lake lies the Sheshnag Temple comprising the intricately carved form of a six-headed snake. The tourists can enjoy boating in the lake. Moreover the extensive flora and fauna is also worth viewing. The lake is garlanded by a cemented pavement from where tourists can enjoy watching fish, turtles and birds. The site comprises a wildlife sanctuary housing neelgai, spotted deer and water birds like ducks and cranes. Tourists can also have a glimpse of the lifestyle of the aboriginal Backarwal and Gujjar clans in the areas adjacent to the lake. Near the Mansar Lake, there are some prominent religious attractions, namely Durga Temple, Narsimha Temple and Umapati Mahadev Temple.


Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary:

Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary, covering 34 sq km forest area at a distance of 28 kilometers from Jammu is a delight for animal and bird lovers. The sanctuary is home to exotic species like leopard, chakor, Indian peafowl, Rhesus monkey, blue rock pigeon, wild boar, cheer pheasant, bharal, red junglefowl, grey langur and Indian mynah.


Amar Mahal Museum:

This beautiful architecture made of red sand stone which looks like a looks like a French chateau was the residence of the Royal family residence for several years. Turned to a museum it houses a large collection of paintings, sculptures, royal artifacts, books and inscriptions. 


Surinsar Lake:

The calm and beautiful lake Surinsar, located close to Jammu is a tourist’s delight. Located in the midst of thick forests and with hilly terrains as backdrops, this lotus covered lake and its surroundings are very picturesque. The lake is specified in Mahabharatha legends.


Peer Khoh Temple:

This cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located near the beautiful river Tawi and acacia forest.  The igneous rocks of the temple are one of the historic and ancient in the Shivalik region. This cave is also known as the gateway to few other caves and shrines both  inside and outside India.