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Top Attractions


Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary:  

Dalma wildlife sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist hangouts in Jamshedpur. Spread over an area of 193 square Kms, the sanctuary is home to a wide variety of animals and birds. Located at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level, the sanctuary was established in 1975 and has witnessed a vast influx of tourists and nature lovers. From wild barking deer to porcupines and tigers, Dalma wildlife sanctuary showcases the best of Indian wildlife in their natural habitat. The sanctuary is also a trekking paradise with a large number of trekking expeditions carried out in the sanctuary under the watchful eyes of the forest guards.


Jubilee Park:

Jubilee Park also known as Jayanti Sarovar is one of the most famous landmarks of Jamshedpur city. Spread over an area of 237 acres, the park is one of the largest gardens in India with attractive fountains amid lush green grassy fields. Established in 1956, the park has a number of divisions including the Moghul gardens built as a replica of the Brindavan Gardens of Bangalore housing picturesque flowers and different variety of roses. The park encloses an amusement park for the children, another children’s park and a magnificent horticulture garden containing hybrid plant flora. From being a popular picnic hangout to being one of the best known places to observe nature abundant beauty, Jubilee Park attracts a large number of tourists and nature lovers alike.


Sir Dorabji Tata Park:

Sir Dorabji Tata Park located in the heart of Jamedpur city is one of the well known gardens in Jamshedpur. Named after the eldest son of entrepreneur Jamshedji Tata, Dorabji Tata Park is known for its wonderful landscape and cool ambience. The gardens serve as a popular relaxation getaway in the industrial city of Jamshedpur attracting the locals and tourists alike. The park is also a popular picnic hangout and attracts a large number of children over the weekend.


Bhuvaneshwari Temple:

Bhuvaneshwari Temple also known as the TELCO temple is one of the most popular religious shrines in Jamshedpur. Dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, the temple is located at a 500 feet mount close to the Jamshedpur city center. The temple attracts a large number of tourists and pilgrims all through the year. Apart from its religious and spiritual significance, the temple offers a great panoramic view of Jamshedpur city making it a popular tourist attraction and a photographer’s delight.


Dimna Lake:

Dimna Lake is one of the popular tourist Hangouts in Jamshedpur. Located on the foot hills of the Dalma ranges, Dimna Lake is an artificial freshwater Lake conceptualized and built by industry giant Tata steel. The lake is an ideal spot for boating and other water sports activities attracting a large number of tourists. The picturesque surroundings and the lush green trees providing cool shades make it a perfect spot for picnic tours. Jet skiing and rowing escapades are available on request making it one of the most popular getaways for adventure lovers.


Tata Steel Zoological Park:

Tata Steel Zoological Park is a state of the art Zoological park attracting a large number of tourists. The Park has a dedicated section with a Safari Zoo showcasing wild animals making it a popular picnic hotspot. Located amid the woody forests near the Jubilee Park, Tata Steel Zoological Park offers a wonderful getaway for the locals and the tourists alike.


Rivers Meet:

Rivers Meet is the best known landmark of Jamshedpur attracting a large number of picnic excursions. Known as the meeting point of Subarnarekha and Kharkai Rivers, Rivers Meet is famous for its natural beauty with a lineup of Eucalyptus trees. The site is a famous destination to watch the amazing picturesque views of sunrise and sunset amid the industrial township of Jamshedpur. Rivers Meet is a popular excursion hangout attracting tourists especially in the summer season.


Hudco Lake:

Hudco Lake is another artificial Lake located amid the TELCO colony attracting a large number of tourists. The artificial waterfalls in the Hudco Lake is one of the most attractive excursion hotspot in the summer season making it a perfect holiday destination and a picnic hangout for the local population. The Lake is surrounded by wonderful picturesque natural flora adding to the ambience of this popular tourist destination.


JRD TATA Sports Complex:  

JRD Tata Sports Complex is the modern sports complex located in the heart of Jamshedpur city. Well equipped with modern facilities to organize sports such as volleyball, hockey, handball and table tennis, JRD Tata Sports complex is a wonderful sports complex attracting a number of national and international athletes. Established in 1937, the complex started to encourage different sports in the region is the hotbed of budding new athletes and players in the region.


Bhatia Park:

Bhatia park is a beautiful park located on the banks of river Subernareka- the lifeline of Jamshedpur.Its an ideal picnic spot far from the crowds. The vast expanses of green lawns with shady trees here make it ideal for long walks.