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Top Attractions


Kondeshwar Temple:

Kondeshwar Temple is the most well known religious attractions in Kamshet. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Kondeshwar temple is located in the middle of a forest. Built with large black stones in Hemadpanthi style of architecture, the temple a pond and a waterfall are located in its vicinity. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims on Mahashivratri festival.


Bhairi Caves:

Bhairi Caves dedicated to the local God of Bhairi is one of the most well known caves in Kamshet. Believed to be the hub of animal sacrifice, a number of empty utensils are kept in the cave for the Gods. The caves are a great trekking highpoint attracting a large number of adventure tourists.


Bhedsa Caves:

Bhedsa Caves along with its constituents of Karla and Bhaja are one of the most well known landmarks of Kamshet city. The temples in the Bhedsa caves have a unique Buddhist influence with a prayer hall and monastery for the monks. Bhedsa caves has four pillars, each 25 ft high, with carvings of horses, bulls and elephants mounted by male and female riders. An epitome of Buddhist architecture, belonging to the early Theravadin period, Bhedsa caves attract a large number of historians and art lovers all through the year.


Bhandar Dongar:

Bhandar Dongar also known as the Temple Hill is one of the most important religious shrines of Kamshet. Dedicated to Saint Tukaram, the temple attracts a number of pilgrims and devotees all through the year. The adjoining hills of the Bhandar Dongar offer various adventure sports including paragliding and hand gliding making it a popular tourist destination.


Pavana Lake:

Pavana Lake formed by the tribunal of the Pavana Dam is one of the best known tourist hangouts in Kamshet. The artificial man made Pavana Lake is hub to a number of sporting adventures including ridge dancing and advance kiting. The Lake attracts a large number of tourists over the weekend and regular trekking excursions are carried out near the vicinity of the Pavana Lake.


Shinde Wadi Hills:

Shinde Wadi Hills is a popular paragliding take off point attracting a large number of adventure junkies. Believed to be the point from where soldiers of erstwhile ruler of Kamshet, Madhavrai Shinde attacked the British forces, the Shinde Wadi hills have a height between 100 to 200 feet making it an ideal location for paragliding newbie’s.